I cannot see the snag.... there must be a big one!

  Diemmess 18:18 28 May 2009

[New HD Channels Available - Over 2500 Channels]

That is the title of some unsolicited email!
It goes on and on, but nowhere a mention of payment.
Perhaps after using the addresses and unlocking code there will be mention of a charge and difficulty with ending the process.
This is not my cuppa, but I'm very curious!
I've disabled the links and this is what the mail says.

Unlock the TV in your PC Today - No Recurring Fees!

Imagine watching over 2,000 live television channels all at the convenience and comfort of your desktop or laptop computer. From local, national or international broadcasters, you have easy, online access to a huge variety of programming.

TV Unlock Code: ****
http:// tjournalnet. com/*****************

Our Gift to You:
Receive a DVR recorder absolutely Free, auto record TV shows & movies with a touch of a button.

- No monthly charges
- Thousands of worldwide programs
- Watch broadcasts from any time zone

This service is available 24 hours per day. Thousands of channels are available and new channels are added daily.

TV Unlock Code: ****
http:// tjournalnet. com/*************

Be prepared to watch sports, news, sitcoms, dramas and other programming from around the globe!

- TV Channels: The latest episodes from different TV shows
- Uncensored Channels: Shows you content they can't play on regular TV
- News & Learning: The latest news from around the world
- Drama, Comedy & Action: Shows & Movies for any mood
- Classic TV: Your favorite shows/movies from the past

Testimonial: "Pure genius, in the near future, this will be the new standard for television" - J. Andrews. London

TV Unlock Code: ****
http:// tjournalnet. com/*************

Best Regards,

Michael Adams
Online TV Analyst

If you want to stop receiving mail, please go to:
http:// tjournalnet. com/

or you may contact us at the following address:

Plaza Neptuno, local #7
Via ricardo J Alfaro, Tumba Muerto
Panama Ciudad
Republica de Panama

  SB23 18:21 28 May 2009

Send no money now......

We'll collect your soul next Wednesday, lol!

  jack 20:16 28 May 2009

I goes straight in the bin- really there is not time in the day/night to watch the C*** obtainable now for free [I dont have to pay for my license any more]why add more and pay for it - and you will have to pay for it-somehow

  Si_L 21:09 28 May 2009

Well, you probably know the rest.

  wiz-king 21:19 28 May 2009

No Recurring Fees! = one big payment?

  Diemmess 20:26 01 Jun 2009

To which I would add the possibility of unfulfilled promises ...... once paid.

The Panamanian postal address is a No-No for me.
I've since had two other emails, different style but same reference to Panama.

Yahoo has the right idea and pops them automatically into spam.

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