I bought a laptop, now want to exchange it

  mbbx0tn2 19:35 27 Jan 2009

2 days ago I paid Comet £429 for a HP . It's 17", and after taking it home, I opened it, registered it and used it for 10minutes. Then i decided I did not need a 17" monitor - it's too heavy for transportation. In addition, what I didn't notice in the shop was that the mouse is so loud. I intend to use my laptop in quiet places like lectures and libraries, but will feel very uncomfortable about disturbing others.

I want to change my laptop to a smaller, lighter one, with a quieter mouse. I called Comet, and they were not interested. They say because I've opened it and registered the laptop, that it is now 2nd hand goods to them and as it's not faulty, that they will not refund nor exchange it.

This seems harsh as I bought it just 2 days ago, and have used it for only 10minutes.

Can anyone help? Are Comet correct? Is there anything I can do to exchange it.

  MAT ALAN 19:40 27 Jan 2009

The difference in weight between a 17" and a 15.4 " Lappy will be very small you will hardly notice, as for the mouse you can turn off the sounds for that.
I personnaly would stick with it and save your money as it will cost you a fee of some sort to exchange...

  MAT ALAN 19:46 27 Jan 2009

click here

If you wish to carry on and try and exchange the goods the "changing your mind" terms are stated in the link...

  100andthirty 19:53 27 Jan 2009

the web site rights are different from what you get in a shop. if you order from a web site, it's assumed that you can't see the goods and so can't easily judge whether it's OK (think shoes as an example).

if you buy from a shop it's assumed that you've been able to see and touch the goods and therefore judge whether they're suitable for you. If your computer doesn't work or materially fails to comply with a description you've relied on then you're entitled to return the goods. If you've just changed your mind, many shops will exchange things, but there are always exceptions and it's always a bonus, not a right. In this instance, I wouldn't expect an exchange!

  oresome 20:11 27 Jan 2009

I can understand the shops reluctance to take it back. As a customer, I wouldn't want to purchase a returned item unless there was a substantial discount which means the retailer is losing money.

Having said that, it's worth checking the shops return policy with Head Office.

Many shops say words to the effect that they want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and if you aren't for any reason, return the product in as new condition for an exchange. This is goodwill on the stores part, not a legal requirement.

Registering the product could be a problem though. The warranty period underwritten by the manufacturer will be ticking away and may mean the store won't take it back.

  MAT ALAN 20:16 27 Jan 2009

What you would be expected to pay is the differance between the value of the items as NEW and what they consider to be a second hand value...

  mbbx0tn2 20:21 27 Jan 2009

Thanks for your responses.

The mouse sound is not linked to the sound on my laptop. it is the actual clicking of the buttons that make the noise. so this cannot be reduced. i can use an external mouse, but id prefer to keep accessories to a minimum and be able to use the laptop for what its designed for - to use on my lap.

The terms and conditions read "You have the right, to cancel Your Contract either before or up to seven working days after the Goods are Delivered, starting the day after the Goods are Delivered. This must be done in writing, via e-mail, fax or letter to Our contact details. Should you choose to cancel the contract, you must have taken reasonable care of the Goods."

i ordered the laptop online, but went to the store to collect it. The laptop was on display, but i was unable to notice the mouse problem at the time, and i was unable to pick the laptop up as it was locked in display. the weight is 4kg. a 15.6" would be 2.7kg - a big difference.

i will write to comet and see if that can do any good.

  tullie 20:34 27 Jan 2009

You mean the noise made by the touchpad dont you,not a mouse?Personely i would never use a laptop on my lap,despite the name.I use a mouse on mine i find it far better than the touchpad.Anyway,thats your choice.Good luck with the exchange.

  oresome 20:47 27 Jan 2009

If you ordered the laptop online, you are covered by the distance selling regulations which allow you seven days to change your mind.

The stumbling block may still be that you registering the product, but as a first step, I would reject it in writing within the 7 day period to remove that condition as an obstacle to getting your money back. You can then argue the case over any thing else that Comet throws up.

  interzone55 21:58 27 Jan 2009

You are not entitled to exchange goods bought and collected from a shop unless the goods are found to be faulty, or not as advertised if the items are boxed.

Most shops do have a returns policy to allow the exchange of unwanted items, but they usually have a list of exclusions, software being one of these exclusions.

As you have now run the laptop, the software will have been registered and in order to resell it Comet should return the laptop to HPs service centre to have the licence replaced with a new one (whether they do this or not is open to debate). The old licence should then be returned to Microsoft's EMEA licence issuer in Germany. This is a costly exercise and is one of the main reasons why you get so many PCs and laptops being sold with old user data on the drives...

  interzone55 22:00 27 Jan 2009

The first line of the post is a giveaway that the laptop was bought from a store...

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