HyperOS slashes prices

  a member 10:06 18 May 2006

Hyper OS has this week lowered their prices in a bid (I believe) to attract overseas buyers.
HyperOS have perhaps not made a big impact with most PC owners , for a number of reasons, price has allways been a stumbling block , and to the novice it can look complicated and scary, but the most recent release , just a week ago is the easiest to use yet . I hope i wont be braking any rules by posting the HyperOS website address click here
I have been using thier products for over 3 years now and have allways been a fan , I could not imagine using a pc without it .
I would urge the pc magazines to review this latest offering , as in my oppinion its a truly wonderful piece of kit.
I would like to point out that i do not work for HyperOS and have nothing to gain from this post.

  shunter02 12:27 18 May 2006

Good to see Hyper OS have dropped their prices they do do good software and the price has always been the sticking point!

  Diemmess 13:42 18 May 2006

Can only hope this produces the result they hope for.
Guessing... the new price is about 40% of the old? I was too embarrassed to keep a record.

It was always too expensive really, and not easy to understand with very little help available except through an independant forum click here
The manual used to be, perhaps still is the least useful of any I've seen

BUT - that said...

I have used it because of its ablility to backup and restore in very fast time...
To run several different versions and duplicated Windows OS in partitions on the same HD.
Thrown in with the software is PQMagic.

I have never felt the need to use Hyperdrive, mainly because I seem to stay free of malware and don't need this ultimate protection.

Nice to know there are a few of us on this forum who use HyperOs. Now that it is value for money, maybe others will try it.

  a member 15:29 18 May 2006

Yes Diemmess I paid around £170 for their 2003 version just over 3 years ago and have never looked back , it makes the pc so flexible , and backup and restore is so fast and easy to use .
the latest top of the range (supergeek) is currently less than half its normal price , though i believe that the current sale is only for a short trial period .over the years the guys at HyperOS have tweaked and improved the software , and from what i can see the latest offering i s pretty close to perfect .
the early versions were a took a little bit of getting used to, wich is why in my oppinion the new version is wrongly named . as it is by far the easiest to install and use . I will never use a pc without it .
they have even made a downloadable video on how to install and use it .

  Phphred 20:50 18 May 2006

Thank you merlinx, I have just ordered 2006 Geek.
I fancied one years ago but they were priced too high and thank you Diemmess for the forum address, I might even be able to work out how to use it!

  Diemmess 16:32 19 May 2006

All this discussion has just cost me £14.(upgrade)
Geek reduced by a factor of 9 from the earlier ones I bought.
In those days I had W98SE and coudn't justify other Windows which I didn't have, - then!

They assured me that it will be the full version but priced as an upgrade because I have bought from them before.

In case others are excited, please note Geek needs W2K or better, 98SE is history now for them. boo-hoo, sniff sniff.

  a member 19:14 19 May 2006

A bargain when you take into account what the new versions can do .
incidently , 2005 geek would happily run along side earlier versions of HyperOS giving the best of both worlds . only requires a bit of tweeking on the backups locations .
I would think that the latest version would also do the same .
there is a thread on the forum discribing how to do this in great detail .

  flyboy 17:58 22 May 2006

I wonder if any of you have tried the HyperOS One click program. On the face of it it sounds rather interesting . At that price (£19.00)I am thinking of buying it.

  GaT7 18:37 22 May 2006

Thanks for this post merlinx.

Like flyboy, I quite fancy HyperOS OneClick (click here) as well. With the 2x80Gb hard disks I already own I can do a lot with it. If it's any good, I may consider returning Norton Ghost 10, which I recently purchased, & get that instead. G

  a member 18:52 22 May 2006

yes , one click is more or less a simplified version of the main HyperOS software .excelent if you dont want to go the whole hog.
and backup times will run rings around ghost anyway.

  amonra 19:36 22 May 2006


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