Diemmess 11:01 25 May 2006

My paranoid side is showing - slightly!
A thread running last week click here
had contributing members fairly excited about new products and at last - heavily discounted prices for HyperOs software products.

I ordered by phone on Friday. My credit card was debited last Monday, and now Thursday the software has yet to be delivered.

In itself that is not at all unusual.
I phoned today to ask about delay, perhaps out of stock?

What is (to me) disquieting is that the 0800 number rings unanswered for as long as I try, and the 020 number rings for a long time before the automated message "Sorry, the memory is full!"

Maybe all sorts of things. Perhaps the car wouldn't start, the telephonist had a dental appointment or the cat has died.

Whatever, in view of the excitement that thread kindled, I decided to post this one.
Anyone throw some light on this?

  €dstowe 11:15 25 May 2006

I am always wary of heavily discounted products - especially if it is across the whole product range.

I have always thought that HyperOs, however good it may be, is (was) grossly overpriced. Perhaps this latest sales promotion was its swansong and HyperOs is now HypoOs.

  Diemmess 12:56 25 May 2006

Phone answered at 12:45
Stated my business.
Was asked for basic details
Pause to check my order.....
"Yes I've got it here and I'll put it on top of the pile."
"There's only two of us here and we're a bit overwhelmed."
"We didn't expect such a huge response."
"We normally send it on a recorded delivery (2 days) but its usually there overnight."

[Me] "So hopefully it will go today and I will have it tomorrow?" "Yes thats right."

At face value I will accept that it is a small firm (past contacts).

If/when the packet arrives I will post again

  Diemmess 09:28 26 May 2006

Arrived 07:50 today.
€dstowe while uttering good hoss-sense, sounds a bit like my wife, always able to foresee the black side of things, so that when proved wrong nobody minds if the result is a good one.

Seriously, I did think briefly along that line, hence my thread as early warning for others.

Obviously just guessing, but I think this always has been a very small outfit with a brilliant piece of software badly marketed.

It was seriously overpriced, and with other big-name rivals there has to be a limited time when a product sells best.

Currently the prices are realistic (I would say that wouldn't I after spending a small fortune over the last few years) and for me the product beats both Ghost and Acronis in versatiliy but that's a basis for a different thread.

£8 delivery in a sleeve bearing £1.52 postage helps to increase their actual profit a smidgen!

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