Hurrah for Pipex!

  Kate B 13:47 06 Apr 2005

I've just completed the regrade of my Pipex connection from half a meg to 1mb - but I've got nearly 2mb downstream! Hurray for Pipex!

  pauldonovan 15:07 06 Apr 2005

Congrats! Can't wait to get it myself. I'm waiting for them to do me for free...but might pay up if it is going to be a while.

  anchor 15:20 06 Apr 2005

Don`t get too excited about your 2Mb speed. This seems to happen to everyone at first; then Pipex throttle you back to 1Mb after a few days or so.

  pauldonovan 15:25 06 Apr 2005


  Kate B 16:05 06 Apr 2005

sigh - I did wonder if it fell under the 'too good to be true" heading.

Yes, pages are loading much faster - haven't downloaded anything bigger than a pdf today but that seemed nice and speedy.

  anchor 16:24 06 Apr 2005

Yes, it does make a big difference. The Norton AV daily update of about 7Mb used to take about 100secs on 512, now on 1mb it takes about 40 secs. That`s a bit more than 2x speed.

  pauldonovan 16:40 06 Apr 2005

Spring/Summer could be any time through to september couldn't it? I'm tempted to pay if it is that long...

  wags 17:30 06 Apr 2005

"Do we know roughly when the ETA is ?"

The email I received from Pipex said the upgrade would be between 'March and August'. I think it depends on the area of the country that you live in.

  pauldonovan 10:32 07 Apr 2005

...I emailed Pipex and you can log into 'My Pipex' and it will tell you when in your area. August for me and I can't wait that long so I've just upgraded :)

  apatia77 12:39 07 Apr 2005

I changed BT Broadband 0.5mb to unlimited Pipex 2mb - and yes the speeds are great. The only problem is when I send a file to a friend with speed 20-30kilo it totally kills my download speed from 100-230kilo to about 30-50kilo, never had this with BT. But its ok anyway, how often do you send anything to anyone :P. I had just one downtime for about 1-2 hours but it was propably BT cause. Anywhay Im very happy with Pipex so far, and I dont think that I will have to deal with them at all.

  Forum Editor 19:09 07 Apr 2005

that at last you have your upgrade Kate - especially after your abortive attempt to go with Bulldog.

My own home connection has recently been upgraded from 1Mb to 2Mb free of charge by BT, and I'm bound to say that the speed increase isn't that dramatic. It's a question of 'how fast is fast?' and to be honest I felt that the 512k to 1Mb difference was more marked.

Enjoy the speed - there'll be more to come before long I think.

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