Humdinger of a complaint re eveSHAM part1

  harrovian 21:56 06 Apr 2006

I have a real humdinger of a complaint regarding Evesham computers. Apologies people for this novel but you have to know the whole sorry saga! I ordered our computer from Evesham in July 05 it was dispatched & charged to my card in mid-August. I was then told it would be delivered the following week. The day given it never arrived neither did it the second or third day? I took these days off work to await delivery so to start our opinion of them was totally unprofessional and they took to blaming the courier and I got sighs a plenty down the line like I had the audacity to ask at 4.30pm was it actually being delivered that day. The computer finally arrived the second week of September almost two months after ordering it the courier actually told me they had the computer for 2 wks waiting on eveSHAM to give a complete address which they had requested numerous times. Upon setting up & first attempting to use the computer it was evident there was a problem with the system as it crashed after a few minutes I phoned Eveshams customer support line and was advised to reinstall windows. I 'm not particularly technically minded so we employed the services of an engineer to backup the reinstalled components & reinstall as suggested. The problem did not abate. Once again I contacted Evesham on this occasion they recommended installing a new hard drive to which they wanted payment for up front and then they would reimburse when original hard drive was returned to them all at a cost to me. We declined as we felt the computer was faulty from purchase & believed the onuses to be with Evesham to get computer fixed. After many phone calls between us & a letter to the MD a compromise was reached and it was agreed that my credit card details would be taken but no monies taken out and a new hard drive would be sent. After all most three weeks the replacement hard drive finally arrived. Once again I employed (at a cost to myself) the services of an engineer. He told us that he felt it wasn’t actually a physical hard drive problem more that the computer motherboard was not recognising the hard drive or possibly a potential graphics card problem. But in his opinion & in keeping within the warranty of the computer he explained we had no option but to install the replacement hard drive. The problem still remained. I contacted Evesham again, this time I sent a letter to the Managing Director. We also requested a refund. An email was sent explaining that a courier would pick up the machine & a refund would be credited in due course. We then heard nothing from them for a couple of weeks then an Evesham employee contacted my husband to say that the computer had been checked (soak test) & that they had found no fault ??!! My husband explained to the man that he had little understanding of computers but told him we never had any problems with our previous Evesham computer but that the new one would not even boot up for us or an engineer that solely fixes computers for a living. He also queried whether he believed we had nothing better to do than to make costly UK calls be without a computer for three months dish out over €200 to engineers just for the fun of it! He further requested that they phone me to go through the findings from our independent engineer. (part two on sep thread)

  harrovian 22:03 06 Apr 2006

Two weeks later no phone call was made and once again we were left to call Evesham in fact Six times holding aprox twenty minutes each time to then be told all the senior staff that are dealing with our purchase were in fact in meetings, on other calls, every excuse! Numbers and messages left and no return calls.I then contacted the managing Director’s office& spoke with his P.A. Initially I took her attitude to be helpful and in someway apologetic of the disgraceful way in which Evesham had treated us. I went through everything with her and even though her job description is actually personal assistant she took it upon herself to be a diagnostic engineer during the phone call and said she believed it was a consumer fault and said it was software corruption she suggested maybe a virus. To be honest I think she would have suggested anything that deferred responsibility from Evesham. I explained that the only software we in fact purchased was in fact from Evesham the she quizzed more and blamed us once again this time she said that the computer came with a free trial of antivirus and we had purchased & installed Norton antivirus (from them I hasten to add) and this had led to the corruption. She said to leave it with her & said she would get back to us. I emailed twice for an update & eventually She emailed me on the 6/12 to say computer was ready to be returned & that a customer care decision had been made & that someone would be in contact. On the 9th I contacted again once again I asked to speak to the senior staff members involved once again they were all busy! So I spoke with a man in technical support & explained the situation to him and told him that if Evesham had actually found a fault and then it had been fixed then we would be happy to take the computer back but the fact that Eveshams stance was that there was not fault made us dubious as we had confirmation from our engineer that stated different coupled with the fact that we could not even boot the system up made us reluctant to do so. He also said he was not in a position to sanction anything but told me that a senior staff member would call back that afternoon. True to form no phone call came so I once again phoned & spoke to the MD's P.A and explained how unhappy we were with lack of customer services & to have bought a computer that didn’t work and now not even have it in our possession.Her attitude then changed no longer helpful she actually took to accusing us of causing the fault, being liberal with the truth when first reporting it (!) this is the fault incidentally that they didn’t find! she advised me that Evesham were not prepared to ship computer back to us that we would have to pay she also said NOTHING had in fact been done with the computer??!! I told her that I had no intention of paying for it to be returned, how naive I thought they were going to shower me with free upgrades because of all the hassle they'd put me through! On the Monday nobody from C/S contacted. I emailed the P.A to state her theory had no bearing on the fault as when the system was wiped & the new hard drive installed no antivirus was present yet the problem remained. When the system first proved faulty I actually logged the complaint with my Credit card provider so I got back to them on the 19th Dec they told me I had 2 days to instantiate a chargeback so I faxed in all documents I had that to pertained to the Evesham purchase. The money was credited in Jan then in Feb Evesham contested the chargeback & it was reversed. I was really annoyed at the voucher they presented as they claimed not only was there no fault but also that I had insisted that the problem was the hard drive and the new hard drive was also fault free, the very person that had to employ the services of an engineer to reinstall windows apparently was able to now diagnose! This was a downright lie they also stated that the computer was waiting for my authorisation to be returned!!?? So my computer was held to ransom, no money for it & no contact with Evesham! Apparently AIB Mastercard could do no more for us.

(part 3 nxt told yer it was a novel actually make that a trilogy!)

  harrovian 22:05 06 Apr 2006

Reluctantly I wrote to eveSHAM requesting resolution to the matter and the reply came stating that as a gesture of goodwill the machine was on its way back. Last Thurs nearly 9 months after ordering it finally was returned albeit with the address from 5 years ago, where we purchased our previous computer from even though they had existing address as it was initially sent to itUpon setting up the system the exact same problem it reaches a logo page and budges no more. I recorded the setup & the screen and attempted to boot it 3 times for this purpose I was unsuccessful I changed the leads onto my old Evesham no problems I sent the DVD to Evesham yesterday. I have just had the system fully checked in case I do have to litigate the matter & it was confirmed that it definitely is a faulty graphics card apparently the soak test would not have picked up on this.After the dismal dealing with this company nine months & still a computer that doesn't even boot I am not prepared to accept a new graphics card ( I would have in Oct) Evesham are not aware of this report. Previous attempts at trying to submit findings resulted in them stating they could not comment on a 3rd party's findings (even though impartial) any advice greatly appreciated,HELP!
also I reside in southern Ireland which complicates this whole sorry saga.(Apologies again for novel!) is there a current record for longest thread by one person??!!

  spuds 22:16 06 Apr 2006

I would take the matter up with a solictor who understands consumer law, or alternatively contact Consumer Direct click here for further guidance.

  spuds 22:21 06 Apr 2006

Was typing, as you were completing part 3.

Due to you stating that you reside in Southern Ireland, ignore what I have suggested in respect of Consumer Direct.

  harrovian 23:10 06 Apr 2006

thanks anyway spuds.

  anskyber 10:55 07 Apr 2006

Can these people help? click here

  vinnyT 15:36 07 Apr 2006

The fact that you reside in southern Ireland really shouldn't complicate matters, as far as i am aware, both Eire (not sure if the spelling is right, sorry) and GB are both in the EU (or whatever it's called now), and i think you would have redress under EU law/policy.

I would also be disappointed with my CC company, and we would soon be parting, after all there are plenty of credit cards out there.

Hope you get things to a satisfactory end.

Good luck.

  Forum Editor 18:49 07 Apr 2006

"definitely is a faulty graphics card apparently the soak test would not have picked up on this"

was obviously no computer expert. The graphic card is in fact the heaviest polled function in a soak test, and the chances of a faulty one slipping through that net is almost nil.

When you received the computer, did you install Norton software without first removing the anti virus software that was factory-installed?

You say that you previously attempted to "submit findings" - presumably this would have been a written report from your computer 'expert' - is that the case? If it is, would you be prepared to send that report to me? I'm intrigued by this assertion that "it definitely is a faulty graphics card", because a faulty graphics card will not prevent a computer from booting.

I want to help you to get to the bottom of this, but I'm afraid that something isn't making sense - it may be me, and I need to get further information. Perhaps you will consider sending me your expert's report - the one you say you tried to submit to Evesham - then I'll try to sort out what really happened here.

  harrovian 20:07 07 Apr 2006

replied to your post already must have hit clear by mistake.As you probably noted from above I'm not that computer literate and i know zilch about the mechanics or workings of one either so I rely on others expertise in times of trouble. I have emailed the engineer who tested my machine & requested he view and respond to your post. All can comment aside from his report is I was actually in the workshop when when he told me his findings & replaced the graphics card with a brand new one whilst I was there. The result....the first time I'd seen the windows page since the week it was delivered! he left it running for 10 mins & then rebooted again it flew past the logo (platinum page) and windows was loaded again. Old graphics card back in same old problem logo page & then no further.
many thanks for any help

  Forum Editor 01:10 08 Apr 2006

Ive received an email from you - in which you accuse me of favouring Evesham because they advertise in our magazine. You state that I am obviously not impartial, and that you have "landed in the wrong forum" - all because I have asked you to show me the report which you state you attempted to submit to Evesham.

It would seem to me to be a perfectly reasonable request, and I can't understand why it has provoked such an offensive response towards someone who has offered to help you. I am perfectly prepared to take this matter up with Evesham on your behalf, but before I can do so I want to be fully in possession of the facts - surely that's not unreasonable of me?

In your email you haven't answered my question about software - did you install Norton anti-virus without first removing the anti-virus software that was preinstalled by Evesham? The company stated that when the computer was returned to them (after installation of a new hard drive) and placed on soak test it exhibited no faults at all, and of course I'm interested in finding out why that should be the case. Unless you're prepared to help me with the information I requested I'm not going to be of much assistance, and nor is anyone else. The fact that computer literate has no bearing on this - I simply want the facts I need to take up your case.

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