Humble pie(pcoption)

  pc613 18:52 27 Jun 2008

For 20 months we been the owners of two very good pc systems and for 20 months i,ve always defended PCoption. Well I do not mind standing up and saying what a prat i,ve been.

All was sweetness and light til Weds morning when we lost our internet connection so I spent 40 mins with an AOL tech trying everything going till he at last tells me my onboard networking card is u/s.

(No problem i said!!!!)connected the router to sues pc and rang pcoption help line, gave my details and told them what the prob was only to be told our systems down and we cannot bring up your details (yes alarm bells did start to sound)
and they would ring me back when the system was back online. This was approx ten in the morning.

By four in the afternoon and no call we sent them an e-mail asking if the system was back up and were they going to ring. Of course no reply or phone call.

Nine next morning(yesterday) rang to get an answer phone that nobody is available to answer, give phone number and we will ring you. Ha Bloody Ha. At 1527hrs temper fraying I sent the following e-mail

"I rang again this morning and there was no one available to take the call so as instructed left my telephone number but as yet no one has called. so the easy way to do this as my network card is on board is for you to send me a netword card adapter I can install myself.

As a two time customer who is in the market for a new pc next month this I am getting rather annoyed at this lack of service and am in two minds as to whom I shall be buying from"
Three (3) mins later got an e-mail with the usual B/S, sorry blah blah blah, you will get a call from (name withheld to protect the guily)after five,

In this e-mail I was also asked to explain how I knew it was a network card fault which I did. I expect you can guess what happened next, of course you can no phone call.

Today. I decided to hell with them , my machine will only be a spare soon so did not bother to call them only to get an e-mail saying( same person again, but not I might add the forums favorite poster) would ring after four. By 1800hrs tonight nothing!

Well pcoption as far I am concerned you can all go "play on the motorway", my £2000 will be going to one of your competitors, who I think must be in spitting distance of your premises going by the postcodes you both have.

Funny way to run your business when for the price of a £2.99 network card a stamp an a jiffy bag you can throw away £2000 in this day and age.

Age of Conan is a great way to unwind when you have to deal with these sort of people, must be all the Slicing and Dicing.


  ronalddonald 22:00 27 Jun 2008

for being honest and sharing your difficulty.

  pc613 09:07 28 Jun 2008

thanks ronalddonald

I should count myself lucky that this happened now and not after I spent all that money with them


  tillybaby 08:23 29 Jun 2008

They have done you one massive favour in messing you around like that because now at least you're going to spend your hard earned cash with a supplier who does value customers.

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