Humble Pie

  ams4127 15:23 01 Jan 2003
  ams4127 15:23 01 Jan 2003

I am about to eat a large slice of humble pie after my last thread about receiving SuSE Linux 8.1 for Christmas.

Having had no luck installing onto my laptop I decided to have one more go and put it onto my main machine. I had previously had a lot of trouble with SuSE Linux 8 and was never able to connect to the internet due to it not being able to configure my BT ISDN card. With Taran's kind help I was able to uninstall it and get back to XP.

With heart in mouth and all data saved to CD I put the installation disk in the drive and rebooted. Linux installed quickly and relatively easily. I configured the ISDN card and tried the 'net. Nothing! Tried all sorts, still nothing. By this time I was beginning to sweat a bit! As a last resort I elected to try CAPI drivers instead of the recommended ones. All sorts of dire warnings appeared but with nothing to lose I ignored them and went ahead.

I connected to the BT servers first time, with Linux coming up with the lovely sentence "We are connected" in the script. The royal "We" I assume!

So there we are. Despite my earlier gloom, Linux does work. Now I've got to try to learn how to use it.

To anyone else thinking of installing it may I give one tip. Make sure you know exactly what components are in your computer and watch the installation routine like a hawk. While Linux will successfully identify most of your hardware be especially careful of your graphics card and monitor settings - make sure they are right.

As to the laptop, the story will continue.....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:53 01 Jan 2003

I'd still take it to the charity shop. ;-))


  barrie_g 18:38 01 Jan 2003

Yes but you can say what you like, windows may be buggy, overpriced, and all the other things that are said about it but its easy and it works (most of the time) and I'm not brave enough to try linux.

  Mysticnas 19:12 01 Jan 2003

unix/linux systems for my programming at uni. Old simple versions true. nothing to nice to look at. just plain boring simple screen with text editors to write lots and lots of code in!!!

they do the job.

My brother's installed RedHat 7 some time ago. They always vowed to use it!!! but never did. The older brother removed it as he was getting annoyed with not having the time to use it.

My other brother mashed up his Windows ME PC which had a partition of RedHat on it. I've been
on at him to get rid of it, he has dellusions of using it to make some mad calculations ( he's an astrophysist) but with all his time taken up by his teaching i knew he'd never get round to using it.

So when he gave his PC to me to fix, i save all his data, wiped the drive clean and install XP Pro fresh!!!

"where my linux gone Nas????


The end. ???

  Taran 23:38 01 Jan 2003

Welcome to the Linux club.

We're a growing band of geeks, nerds or whatever other label you want to apply to us (call me what you like), but you can no longer ignore the software's capabilities and growing following.

It's not up to MS standards as a desktop OS yet, but it's heading in the right direction. no matter what anyone thinks of it and its users though, it certainly makes an interesting alternative and a good learning curve, so go for it and enjoy.


  Stuy 01:02 02 Jan 2003

Linux seems to be more of a challenge on Laptops but heres a site to help with: click here.

My desktops all run Linux,so do the laptops now I`ve been given a Palmtop so I`m going to try getting it on that.

  ams4127 19:12 02 Jan 2003

Thank you all for taking the time to respond and for not laughing too much!

Stuy - what a superb site! Many thanks for the link. A quick glance at it seems to offer solutions to most of my queries. All I've got to do is work out how to implement them.

Taran - certainly my experience of SuSE 8.1 so far shows it to be a great improvement over version 8.0. Many things puzzle me but, in time, I shall overcome!

  Forum Editor 19:30 02 Jan 2003

perhaps in the early spring, I think we ought to run a forum Linux project, whereby we launch a couple of threads offering assistance to those who want to try an alternative operating system.

I think we have enough Linux expertise in the forum to do it.

  Taran 19:37 02 Jan 2003

I'm game for that FE, just so long as you don't pick April 1st for the project...

  ams4127 22:03 02 Jan 2003

An excellent idea FE.

There are so many things which are, no doubt, obvious to Taran, Stuy and others but are baffling to 'newbies' like me.

Simple - I was in the middle of downloading a load of updates last night when my connection cut out after two hours. I know I downloaded most of the files, but where are they? If I could find them I could install them!

How in Heaven's name do you update the Nvidia drivers? I've downloaded them....but they're gone too!

I'm off to spend several hours on the various Linux Q&A sites to see if I can get some answers.

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