Humax HDR 2000T Twin Tuner

  Ex plorer 16:21 01 Mar 2014

Hi I am thinking of purchasing The Humax HDR 2000t see here the thing is My TV all ready has Freeview so does the Humax 2000t over ride it with its Freeview Chanel.

It appears that you put the Arial in the Humax 200t.

All reviews I have read say its for Freeview yet it mentions Freesat in the link can any one verify if its both or just Freeview.

  hastelloy 16:39 01 Mar 2014

This will record up to 2 channels at the same time.

You are correct in that the aerial plugs into this but you connect a 2nd coaxial cable from this into the TV so you can watch a third channel whilst recording.

It says Freeview/Freesat = Freeview which means it's Freeview.

  Ex plorer 16:54 01 Mar 2014

Thanks marvin42, Just need to make sure I get all the right leads with it, nothing more annoying than not been able to set up because of a missing cable.

  ened 08:16 02 Mar 2014

Before you buy this you need to be aware that Humax access your unit at will. I have found it turned on on several consecutive nights (in the wee small hours). My experience with computers is that 'upgrades' are not always helpful, and prefer to have my own control rather than allow it 'automatically'. An example of this is that the time counter suddenly became inaccurate. I queried this with Humax and they failed to give me a satisfactory answer. Then, over a year later there was an update and the next day I noticed the counter had rectified. So, despite their denials, they must have known about the problem THEY caused all along.

When I contacted Humax about this [automatic updating] I had one reply which stated that 'it is the demands of Freeview that it is set up this way' It becomes irritating because when they do this all your pre-booked recordings are wiped out. This is all very well but if you do not realise they have done it or are away then you miss recordings.

Also the Remote control loses the OK button function quite quickly. There are instructions on their Forum as to how to take it apart and clean it but this is quite intricate and if you mess it up you then have no Remote. A replacement remote is about £29.

Basically this is a reasonable product but I do not like their attitude, am actively seeking an alternative and will not be getting anything further from Humax.

  hastelloy 08:57 02 Mar 2014


I have 3 similar Humax machines (none are this particular model) and am aware of the updating which happens regularly during the night. However, I have never had any of the problems you describe. The only time I have ever lost my pre-booked recordings is when I did a re-tune and, as I am aware of this, it only takes a few minutes to re-book them.

I bought the first of these in November 2010 and the remote still works perfectly - I have never felt the need to "take it apart and clean it".

  ened 09:41 02 Mar 2014

marvin42 The problem with the Remote for this model is well documented and a big issue on the Humax Forum.

I am well aware it is my personal choice but I like to have control over MY property and I did not like the (Frankly) dishonest behaviour of the Humax personnel I have dealt with.

  Ex plorer 11:14 02 Mar 2014

ened, Thank you for the update information. I never came across this in the reviews I read so I will keep it in mind.

I don't object to automatic up dates. But if it did loose your preset recordings then I can imagine your concern .

I always switch the power off to all units on a night time so would this mean I would miss an update if one had been available.

I will delve a little further into the problem of updates and loosing per-recorded settings and see if its common problem.

marvin42, Thanks for the reply to your findings also.

  Ex plorer 16:22 03 Mar 2014

ened, marvin42, is it possible to start recording any TV program say for five minuets and then select to watch it from the HD so I can skip adverts.

I understand marvin you have a different model.

ened, I belive you have the same model as I am thinking of buying so could you answer this for me.

I just cant make out from reviews and comments if its possible or not and this is one of the reasons for the purchase.

  ened 11:24 04 Mar 2014

Ex plorer If I understand you you want the ability to 'chase' a programme. This is possible although, with the increase in the amount of time spent on ads (especially the less mainstream Freeview channels), you will need to start watching after a bit longer than five minutes or you will be catching yourself.

For your info: The right-hand fast-forward on the remote will move at two minute increments and the left hand one fast-forwards at speeds up to 32x.

Altogether this is a good bit of kit. Unfortunately their 'Customer Services' are not prepared to address my problems - probably because they can't!

  Ex plorer 13:55 04 Mar 2014

ened Thanks for your reply, You understood my question, and I understand what you say.

Its a shame customer support hasn't been up to scratch to help you out.

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