Humax HD

  jtw 10:11 22 Nov 2008

Don,t know if this is the forum to ask but we have skyhd (I know, costs a fortune and is a waste of time etc etc.) As we have more money than sense would like to get ITV hd on freeseat for some of the sport. Read about a splitter for the satellite wiring. Anybody know what we need??

  Forum Editor 10:53 22 Nov 2008

The device on the dish from which the feed cables run is called an LNB, and if you have a SKY box there will be two feeds running to it from the dish.

Your Humax box will require an additional two feeds, so you'll need to run them from the LNB. You may be lucky and have a four-way LNB already on the dish, but if it's a two way model you'll need to buy a replacement - Maplins is the place to go, or a TV aerial company.

  jtw 11:12 22 Nov 2008

Thanks What I have seen is a little cheap device that takes one lead from the satellite cable after it has come into the house and forks so that two come out one to sky and another lead to freeseat box.(a little adapter in fact). This is near to the sky box and tv. I understand about the lnb thing but this seemed simpler even if a bit fiddly assuming you have to switch from sky to freesat.

  Forum Editor 11:57 22 Nov 2008

and go for separate feeds from the LNB. It's very easy to add the additional cables.

  Graham. 19:46 22 Nov 2008

A Sky installation will normally have a 'single' LNB and one cable. If you buy a Humax Foxsat receiver, then you could take the lead out of Sky and plug it into the Humax. In other words, plug into the box you want to watch.

Of course, for a more permanent installation you will need a quad LNB. This is because if you go for a recording Humax (out today), that will need two feeds and two new cables.

  ened 07:48 25 Nov 2008

We have inherited a sky box with no subscription.

Is it really as simple as buying a Humax and plugging the Sky cable into it?

We are happy to not use the Sky box so that is not an issue but is there any other configuration necessary?

  jtw 08:06 25 Nov 2008

I have 2 leads going in to sky hd box. Does this cause a problem and which one would plug into the humax box?

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