pacman24 19:43 09 Nov 2010

Hello im thinking of buying a laptop off this website, what are they like to buy from?

  lotvic 20:16 09 Nov 2010

Are you mad? A big No No from me,
I would never buy from a company that charges you £1 a minute Premium Number,to ring them and also doesn't put their business address on their website and only use email for contact.

  pacman24 20:53 09 Nov 2010

DUH OBVIOUSLY thats what put me off, what i was hoping far is someone who has bought off them before as they sell some cheap laptops but i guess not.

  birdface 23:10 09 Nov 2010

Looks like just a new company as there is no security clearance from WOT.
Or maybe an old company that is just starting internet sales.

  birdface 23:19 09 Nov 2010

I would definately go with Lotvic and say no as well.
Cost you a fortune in phone calls with their 09 numbers.
Could not find an address for them but I did not look that hard.

  wiz-king 10:21 10 Nov 2010

An UK company but address not given to register the website, looks like a one-man band local company, unless you are in the area then look somewhere else.

  Woolwell 11:31 10 Nov 2010

Domain name has been registered since 2009 (address withheld).
Unusual to use org instead of co.

Any company that does not put its address on the site I avoid. I would hope to see a company number and VAT registration too.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:10 10 Nov 2010

Can't comment on the online shop, but, they seem ok for IT support: click here

Business address here: click here

  lotvic 17:56 10 Nov 2010

Must run business from home as that is ordinary house not a 'shop type' of premises.
(There is nothing amiss with running a business from home - lots do it)

  GaT7 19:21 10 Nov 2010

pacman24, which laptop are you after from there? And is it brand new?

At the very least, use your credit card to buy it, as there's likely to be better fraud coverage compared to a debit card.

Odd to be trading from a registered non-trading website - the site's domain info: click here. G

  pacman24 19:41 10 Nov 2010

The laptop i was looking at was the Toshiba Satellite Pro L450D-14V, this was the place selling it the cheapest at £280, ive emailed them to ask if its brand new buit no response yet, i think im just going to pay a bit extra and get it from saveonlaptops as this place looks a bit dodgy.

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