HSBC Trusteer Rapport

  PalaeoBill 11:27 11 Jan 2011

I'm not sure if this should be in Speakers Corner as its a rant but...

Whilst it is laudable that a bank is making moves to protect its customers, they still have a way to go. Every time I login to business internet banking, I'm told that my system is at risk and I am pestered to install the free fraud protection software Rapport from Trusteer. I can't switch off the prompt and this week I noticed in the on-screen blurb that it claims to work alongside your existing antivirus and firewall, so I gave in and installed it.

Or at least I attempted to install it. It aborted the installation stating that Rapport conflicted with both ZoneAlarm and Avast. It gave me a link to a list of firewall and AV software that it doesn't conflict with. Not terribly impressed.

  spuds 13:34 11 Jan 2011

All helps with the commission, for directing customers to other alternatives. What do they call it - sponsored links?.

  Terry Brown 14:24 11 Jan 2011

Have you thought about what you being told. YOUR system is not secure enough using Avast & Zonealarm.
You need to increase your security.

I use it as an additional anti-phishing device for my system, but if you are using it for a Business account there may be other security systems already built in, that are causing the problem.

I installed it as a freebie from my bank, and found it very effective. If you do NOT take advantage of the security software offered by your bank and you are a victim of fraud, you may find it difficult to claim against the bank.


  PalaeoBill 15:04 11 Jan 2011

I use Malwarebytes and Spybot Search & Destroy on a regular basis and I'm very careful with my internet usage. As far as I am concerned my system is reasonably secure. I'm not complaining so much about the banks desire for me to use Rapport, but the fact that it will not work with some of the most common AV and firewall software.

I appreciate that Avast is not the be-all and end-all of AV software but I've been through the other free stuff such as AVG and MSE and I've also paid for the likes of Norton and Sophos over the years. Whilst the others have all failed me at some point, so far nothing has got through Avast; if I have any criticim it is that it does tend to give false positives every now and then.

As for ZoneAlarm, I don't have a choice. I use VPN to get into the work system and the client I have to use is from Check Point so ZoneAlarm is all I can have. I would have thought that anyone who writes software to run alongside a firewall should support ZoneAlarm. It must count its users in the tens if not hundreds of millions.

Your point about me NOT taking advantage of the security software offered by the bank is a very interesting one. Do we really want the banks (collectively I mean - I'm not singling one out) dictating what security software we should be using? Given their poor security record, are they the best judge for this?

  Al94 16:32 11 Jan 2011

I am using Rapport along with Avast free edition without any problems.

  PalaeoBill 16:38 11 Jan 2011

Perhaps it is personal then!
I'm using Avast Free version 5.0.677 and ZoneAlarm 9.2.057 and Rapport states there is a conflict with both Avast and ZoneAlarm.

Did you install Rapport after Avast and can you remember what version of Avast this was?

  interzone55 16:49 11 Jan 2011

Is this a business PC?

You shouldn't really be using the free Avast on a business PC, mainly because it's only free for personal use, but also because you shouldn't be relying on free software on business machines.

If you are accessing your business bank account from a home PC then ignore the paragraph above...

  PalaeoBill 17:03 11 Jan 2011

No, its a home PC.

Your absolutely right though, I should be provided with a business PC, with paid for ssecurity if I'm to check on business stuff whilst I'm at home. I shall ask the boss. I have a pretty good idea what the answer will be though :-)

I have fond memories of the days when I had one job and I was the boss; before I retired (for a rest) and took on half a dozen part time jobs.

  proudfoot 17:16 11 Jan 2011

I and my wife on her laptop have been using Rapport for some time, no problems.
We have AVG free 2011 and Spybot on our systems.
The point of Rapport is if you make a note of the green or red arrow in the bar at the top of the page it tells you whether you are on the correct site.
You can also when you are sure you are on any other site that is not on the "Trusted Rapport Sites" enable Rapport to detect the correct site.
Also you can set it to prevent browser pages etc from collecting sensitive data and show a report on.
I have set Rapport to prevent key-logging if nasties were to get on my system.
I have it activated on all the sites where financial transactions take place.

  PalaeoBill 17:25 11 Jan 2011

Well it sounds like its a product worth having. Thanks. I will invest some time into resolving the conflicts then. The fact that Al94 is using it with Avast sounds promising.

I'm glad I posted now.

I will try removing everything and putting Rapport on first to see if that makes a difference.

  Estuary 18:02 11 Jan 2011

I have used Rapport for some time now. I have had no problems at all. I originally downloaded it from my bank.
No conflicts with NIS 2010 or other security progs installed.

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