HP and tape ware software

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 16:06 23 Aug 2004

I have had an HP DAT 24i tape drive for many years as I worked in the industry.

Now retired I have had my computer stuck by lightening and had to replace it - -also upgrading to windows XP.

The drive came with no software and I was told that this was a "Plug and Play" now and to use the old software as new software was a "Download"

Lo and behold it now appears that HP do not have software which runs a single computer only networks and the Colorado II which was the old software has not been upgraded by HP for over 2 years and this old software will not run the tapedrive in XP.

So it looks as if I and many others having paid over £340 for a new tapedrive and having gone to XP am "Stuffed". Businesses are going potty and there is a whole discussion group at here

click here

since 2002.It seems HP are doing nothing but taking money which I think is false pretenses, in that they don`t tell you this product will NOT run on XP prior to purchase.So I have wasted my money.!!

Any ideas anyone - - -HELP!!


  spuds 16:24 23 Aug 2004

I note that most of the items are dated in the 2002 region. When you purchased your new replacement, did it mention about being compatible with XP. Two years to solve a problem of this nature, seems to be a very long time for someone like HP.Surely they must have some definate answer by now.

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 17:02 23 Aug 2004

Nope Spud,
HP are just taking peoples money, I am sure they could have written the software but are so apathetic. If you looked at that website the discussions go from 2002 to July 2004 with businessmen wanting it.

Once they have sold the product thats all they seem to care about. The old software will run networks but thats Yosamite software not the Colorado II.


  Belatucadrus 18:31 24 Aug 2004

click here have you tried this ? Seems to be a 50/50 shot, but may be worth a go.
Registration at driver guide is free and if it should get your £340 drive up and running.

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 19:41 24 Aug 2004

Thanks I will give it a try, I might have to use some software made by Stomp, I am trying to get a professional opinion before I spend any more money.

HP are definitely not my favourite people


  Forum Editor 19:44 24 Aug 2004

to start with that I'm mildly surprised that someone who 'worked in the industry' for many years is only now upgrading to Windows XP, but there it is......

The real problem here is that HP never truly had ownership of all three necessary components - hardware, software, and driver. They were the property of different companies, and to cut a very long story short, HP were left in what they euphemistically refer to as a 'legacy position'. What that means in real-person speak is that they hadn't a clue what to do when this first surfaced, and two years on the position's not really improved.

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 12:05 25 Aug 2004

But if you look at the many business people then you would have thought HP to keep their reputation would have had someone to write software for them!!!

I used UNIX and wrote software for other people sometimes.

The current software still is OK for networks but not for individual computers.Ie windows NT

I`m afraid its a sad sign of the times when HP as others let this happen.

It started with no Books accompanying software, and then went to "Print your own book from your programme CD" and now its all "Internet" based to refer for problems.

I`m not going to write my own software but use a different computer configuration for my computer and fool the software into thinking its a Network.

Tape-ware is going out of date I originally bought this Early 2001 so it was out of date for guarantee when lightening struck - - hence replacement from my insurers.

I will cope, I always do, but am unimpressed by HP
Charles :)

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