HP Scanjet 4850 Photo

  VNAM75 16:47 11 Jan 2006

Does this scanner which got a good review recently from this site scan to PDF. All the other features are good but I cant see whether it has the PDF function, which is important to me. I was thinking of buying the Epson 3490 until I saw this one.

  pj123 17:46 11 Jan 2006

And what scanner is that then?

I don't think any scanner will scan to PDF.

Once scanned it becomes an image. eg. jpg, gif, bmp, wmf etc... You would need to run it through an OCR if it was a text scan.

  jack 19:45 11 Jan 2006

A Scanner, any scanner scans an image file
that is all it can do. the result will be TIF/Bitmap.

If you wish to scan a document for editing or saving to any sort of editable text file then you must activate the OCR feature.
This will interpret/convert to text form
Depent on which OCR program, it can be a steep learing curve to master.

However one once you have mastered it it will be a text file in your wordprocessor.
Thats as far as it will go.
PDF files wich can be read by Adobe reader which is what I think you are trying to achieve - is another kettle of fish.
PDF creation is a specialist software which is not
as far as I recall generally available to joe public it is strictly a commercial thing.
But it was since I last looked into it - have things changed?

  VNAM75 20:12 11 Jan 2006

If you take a look at the description below for the Epson 3490:

"Scanning is made easy with the Epson Perfection 3490 Photo. Just four buttons control the process: Start, Copy, Scan to Email and Scan to PDF"

click here

  interzone55 21:44 11 Jan 2006

As stated above, a scanner will simply turn whatever is placed onto the scanner-bed into an image file.

Whatever happens next is down to software, if you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat installed, or a similar package that can create PDFs, then any scanner can create a PDF file.

From click here

HP Scanjet 4850 Photo

Scan file format
For images: PDF, BMP, TIFF, TIFF compressed, PCX, JPEG, FlashPix (FPX), PNG; for text: HTML, TXT, Rich Text File (RTF); for text and image pages: PDF, PDF (searchable), FlashPix, PNG image

  VNAM75 22:51 11 Jan 2006

I understand now, thanks. Should I get this scanner over the Epson 3490 (about extra £30)? My top priority will be to scan family photos.

  jack 09:26 12 Jan 2006

If Scanning family photos is your priority then PDF was a complete redherring.

Any scanner that takes your fancy will do Photoscanning- That is the original intention.
If you have slides or maybe negatives,then a Scanner that has that facility [A light in the lid] my prove useful.

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