HP psc750 or LexmarkX 75

  Beep 11:47 01 Jan 2003
  Beep 11:47 01 Jan 2003

Im a home user using XP and want a space saving MFD. At pres i print text only, but I have a CBeebies printables addict (5 yr old). At some stage I will be going the digital camer route. When I had a life i photography used to be my hobby and i would love to can in and play around with some of my old prints. But it may not come to fruition.
Im after an inexpensive MFD - PCA's Dec 02 review of the X75 is dammed by faint praise is expensive to run and i cant see any other reviews. The only reviews of the HP psc750 range from 1 dont buy to glowing (all say its expensive to run), but Dixons told me they are no longer stocking it - is it now defunct? Which is worth buying and how expensive 2 run.Thanks

  Falkyrn 12:29 01 Jan 2003

click here for review

click here which appears to have replaced the 750

Although I personally prefer HP printers my only concerns for these models are that the cartridges are electronically chipped which would exclude the use of compatible (cheaper) cartridges.

  flick 16:50 01 Jan 2003

The hp psc 750 (currently £89.99 in PC world web only sale reduced from £149.99) is being replaced by the psc 2115 (£179.99, reduced from £199.99). The 2115 has the potential to print up to 4800x1200 dpi but this involves changing the black cartridge for an additional colour cartridge - probably worth it for high quality photo printing, but not otherwise.

The psc 950 acts as a standalone fax machine as well as being able to read direct from digital camera cards.

I've owned the 2115 since September and find it an exceptionally useful replacement for the separate scannner/ printer arrangment (both HP)I had before, both in terms of space and the additional function of direct copying of documents (greyscale or colour).

It's hard to comment on running costs - I changed the cartriges in my old printer about once every six months. Obviously it depends on how much printing you do and if it's a lot then shopping around for both paper and cartridges is worth the effort. A check on the internet has HP cartridges for the 750 of £18.99 for 25ml black and £22.99 for 19ml colour. For the 2115 the prices are £14.99 for 19ml black and £18.99 for 17ml colour. Unit prices are lower for more than one and you can get money back on empty cartridges. It is also possible to buy refilled cartridges much more cheaply than 'official' hp cartridges.

I have owned HP printers/scanners for 15 years now and have been very impressed with their reliability (never gone wrong) and I think this is important when buying an all-in-one machine since you're without all the other functions if it has to go away to be repaired. HP also have a good website for updated drivers, troubleshooting etc.
Depending on your budget/requirements, the 750 looks like a pretty good deal.

  yonex24562 00:30 03 Jan 2003

I have the PSC 750 and I am very happy with it. It scan well and quickly and the print quality is also very good. As for compatible cartridges I get them from click here and have no complaints about the quality or the service. The prices are good too and a lot of people in this forum swear by them. Hope this helps you.

  Pumas 01:49 03 Jan 2003

My HP psc750 is very good and has never let me down.

  Beep 20:11 03 Jan 2003

Thanks everyone, thus far it seems as though the vote is in for HP - I think my reservation is that I use them at work - the 1200laser which is great and a deskjet which i think is crap. The desk jet is forever running out of ink, slow noise and print quality of text i think, is highly unsatisfactory.
Any Lexmark users? (i notice they are being bundled with some of the big name pcs now) espectially x75 users?

  Kyomii 20:27 03 Jan 2003

I have a Lexmark x83 which is very good. I normally buy epson printers because they are cheap and cartridges, but I wanted a good MFD for photographic work and my hubby bought me the Lexmark from Aldi when it was on offer at £120

It was badged as an X80 for Aldi but it is really the X83 (uses x83 drivers and has exactly same functions).

Can print up to 2880, and so far, photographs have come out brilliantly, and the colour is great(using 2 meg fuji camera).

I use good heavywieght photo paper that can take high resolution printing because it does make a difference.

Cartridges work out at £15 or so for the black and £17 or so for the colour (7dayshop.com)which isn't too bad because they are quite large cartridges.

Unable to compare with HP MFD because I have only had experience of standard HP inkjet printer (610c) (640) and they seemed okay.

  AL D. 20:56 03 Jan 2003

My wife has the 750 while I have the D145 both
HP.I have found that they are great and the after sales from HP tech support second to none.

  BrianW 22:39 03 Jan 2003

One big difference that may be important to you Leaxmark has a straight(ish) paper path whereas the HP devices all us 180 degree path. Saves on space, keeps the paper flat but does limit the range of paper thicknesses / textures you can use. Having said that, I opt for the HP (presently the 2115 and endorse flick's comments)

  Beep 23:44 03 Jan 2003

HP still seems to be in the lead. My inclination is for HP from the point of view of brand familiarity and all that, but the 750 is being replaced. However from the sound of it HP is reliable so for a couple of years this shouldnt be a worry. I am not willinng to spend pots of money because I know i wont get much use out of it and it will be a 'toy' for my 5 yr old so I could manage with my ancient HP540. But I as still drawn to the Lexmark (thx Kyomii for the Lexmark vote). Brian W, which one limits the paper thickness? im not clear what you have written - that is important to me because my personal correspondance is on fairly weighty paper and sometimes i use the hand made stuff which can be pretty uneven?

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