hp printer cartridges - cheapest place?

  Peter C 10:02 14 Oct 2005

hi there.
i did abit of looking on ebay, and there were ridiculously cheap cartridges (£5 each) but the EXPIRY date is DEC 2005. what will happen with these cartridges after the expiry date - is it worth buying these?

if not, where's the cheapest place on the net or otherwise for printer cartridges.

im after HP 56, 57, 58 cartridges!

cheers for ya help!

  BESTIE 10:10 14 Oct 2005

try click here for your supplies, they sell original and compatible cartridges with free p&p. Also no limited price of order. hope this helps

  Peter C 10:20 14 Oct 2005

cheers mate, i had a look but pc world site is cheaper than there, and that's including the postage price.
maybe that site offers free postage because they've accounted for those costs within the prices of the goods! companies just dont do real free nowadays! 8-(
cheers anyway, looks like pc world it is then.

  BESTIE 10:37 14 Oct 2005

you could also try cclonline.com who i have found to be quite reasonably priced.

  Dipso 12:54 14 Oct 2005

I always get my HP cartridges from Ebay. They are sometimes WELL out of date and I have never had any problems. As long as the packaging is still intact there shouldn't be a problem. Some sellers even guarantee them.

The only problems I have had is using compatibles which gave poor results.

  Stuartli 15:25 14 Oct 2005

An expiry date, if goods or products have been properly stored, is only a conservative guide.

It's why the Reduced counter at your local Tesco or other supermarket turns up some amazing bargains if you are there at the right time.

Just because December will shortly come and go doesn't mean that an HP cartridge will suddenly and silently keel over....:-)

  pj123 17:39 14 Oct 2005

Peter C, wrong again. PC World Internet price including VAT and Postage for a 56 cartridge is £13.27. If you buy instore it is £15.99. Choice Stationery price is £13 including VAT and delivery. OK so this is only 27p difference but still cheaper than PC World. 57 cartridge from PC World online is £19.48 inc VAT and Postage. (Instore price is £25.99.) From Choice Stationery it is £15.99 inc VAT and Postage. The 58 Cartridge from PC World is £15.85 inc VAT and postage (instore price £23.99). Choice Stationery price £14.99 inc VAT and Postage.

No Contest.

  Beas-Knees 21:48 14 Oct 2005

pj123,wrong again- I thought we were talking original HP cartridges here not compatables like you have quoted for.

Original HP cartridges from here are HP56 £11.37-HP57 £18.75-HP58 £13.98 all prices are VAT inclusive and available for super saver delivery of only £2.50

click here

No Contest.

  FREDINGTON 22:26 14 Oct 2005

A cheaper place but with £3.95 delivery, is 7dayshop at click here
You gain if you order more than one cartridge, as the delivery charge stays the same.

  pj123 11:43 15 Oct 2005

Peter C, My apologies, I assumed you meant cheapest regardless of whether they are original or compatible. I haven't bought an original cartridge for years so I am not very well up on the prices. Choice prices for original are higher than PC Worlds (online) price, but lower than the PC World instore price.

  mahalo 16:35 15 Oct 2005

I needed hp originals (no luck with compatibles)
and compared prices with several suppliers online and 7day shop came up tops even allowing for the postage.
Cheers all

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