Hp pavilion /any comments please

  charlton200 16:46 24 May 2004

After 3 years of a dreadful evesham computer,with every part of my computer being replaced, and my hard drive twice, and more crashes then at a stock car meeting.So I have now decided to change it .
I have seen a Hp pavilion T5880uk at my local comet store.Any advice would be appreciated.It has all the spec' that I am looking for , the only thing I am not sure is the restore discs which apparently are on the hard drive and if you won't to make separate copy's you have to make you own on to 6 or 7 discs.
SO are these computers any good,
Would you buy from a place like comet
Is it a good way, to have the restore discs that are on the hard drive.

Thanks for looking.

  byfordr 16:52 24 May 2004

Just picked up a couple of their business machines, tweaked them with sound cards, and graphics card etc. They seem very well built. A little tight inside to work with. They both came with xp pro.

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  charlton200 17:32 24 May 2004

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  accord 19:24 24 May 2004


My partner took delivery of a t450.uk HP the other week from Comet and its superb. Very quick and very quiet, its fully loaded aswell.

10/10 for effort and 10/10 for spec

  charlton200 20:01 24 May 2004

Thanks for that,

Did your partner have any thoughts on the recovery disc being incorporated into the hard drive and not on a separate disc.

Many thanks

  accord 22:00 24 May 2004

Nope as I backed up the recovery partiton to DVD, sorted.

  Aristocatman 22:28 24 May 2004

Just be aware that some of these recovery disks will wipe your hard drive clean, read the instructions very carefully & make sure you back up important files on a separate drive or CD rom.
I made the mistake a year or two back & in the end rather than loose my files I bought another hard drive & a CD version of Windows I used the new drive as a new C drive, installed Windows on that & recovered my files from the original drive. Expensive way to do it but I needed those files & got a proper copy of Windows. - I don't like recovery disks. Recovery disks don't have all the files you get on a proper copy of Windows like Backup & tools. Now I buy PC's without operating systems installed & XP pro on CD's to install myself. Yes it is more expensive but I think I get what I pay for, a proper Windows OS, not a half baked one.

  byfordr 23:08 24 May 2004

Looks the part, the only thing you may want to consider is a better graphics card if you want a bit more serious gaming or intensive applications. The large hard drive and lots of memory will be great for anything you want to throw at it. If you want office software try (if you qualify!) click here Voucher code STUDENT23544

  charlton200 13:00 25 May 2004

many thanks

  Taran 14:20 25 May 2004

I've had half a dozen Pavilions over the last three years and they've all but one been superb. The one in question had some issues, all of which were speadily resolved by tech support when they came out to replace faulted components. Before you think I'm being flash they were all bought for and used in a small office environment for myself and my staff.

Keep in mind that every manufacturer produces a majority output of excellent machines, but they all deliver a small percentage of faulted computers as well. All manufacturers suffer to one degree or another with faults and, believe me, they all fervently wish that there was a foolproof way of preventing it.

Nobody likes people telling their friends, family and colleagues that such-and-such a computer was unreliable and nobody want to lose long-term customer loyalty. Support is very expensive for computer manufacturers and they all wish that there was no need for it, probably even more than those unfortunate people who have had to use it.

All I'm saying is that if you name any well known computer manufacturer I know of loads of very satisfied and happy owners of said systems, but I also know of a few who had nothing but trouble from the outset and that goes for all the manufacuturers on the planet.

Good luck with whatever you decide to buy.

  charlton200 18:01 25 May 2004

Very true,
I got recommended to evesham ,and I here mostly good things about evesham, but my computer has given me nothing but trouble from the first week I had it,and that was nearly 3 years ago,and I have got to a stage when I am fed up with ringing them up. I do not think my computer will ever be any good.
Saying that it does not mean I would not purchase another one off of them,as they get good reviews,and I have been happy mostly with there support.
I have seen the hp pavilion and they look good.
The only thing I am not to sure about is the graphics card and would it be ok for games and the restore discs on the hard drive.
How do you go about in the event of a restore in the case of a hard drive failure or if your have to reinstall certain drivers etc.
I understand from the salesman that the pavilion come with everything pre installed,including works suite etc.
I am used to having a recovery disc and all the discs for the drivers etc.

Many thanks for your time.

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