HP notebook not returned by HP

  Biznik 18:09 03 Nov 2007

More than 2 months ago I sent an HP Pavilion notebook back for repairs: the power socket was loose and would not maintain connection for recharging. Now the notebook is missing, and no one I called at HP knows anything about it, although I have the serial # and order ticket number. I knew something was wrong when, 10 days ago, I received a 2nd empty shipping box for sending in the notebook. I informed the robot in India that I had already sent it in, and am waiting for delivery. I have been promised two delivery dates, which have passed, without results. When I call I am always referred to someone in India who promises results, but does nothing. This company has lots of reassuring messages but clearly does not care one whit about service. I can't get in touch with any American, English-speaking rep in this country who might help. Does anyone have any useful advice?

  Totally-braindead 19:33 03 Nov 2007

Do you have any proof it was sent such as a receipt from the driver or anything.

  Totally-braindead 21:52 03 Nov 2007

You are not meant to email people when you reply.

You reply by typing in the box below so others can see whats going on.

By email "Thanks for your interest. I wasn't present when FedEx picked up the notebook. But I do have an acknowledgemnet from HP that it was received. "

So HP have acknowledged receipt and presumably FedEx could also confirm they picked up the computer.

I would send a recorded delivery letter to them informing them of the facts and enclose a copy of the acknowlegement you have and inform them you either want a full refund of the purchase price of the laptop since they appear to have lost it. And you expect them to contact you within 7 days or you will consider legal action.

See if others agree with my suggestion before you do anything as I'm not an expert on this. Phoning them is obviously a waste of time so snail mail is the better option.

  Forum Editor 23:55 03 Nov 2007

that tries to avoid its responsibilities to its customers - exactly the opposite in fact, the company has an excellent customer service record.Calling customer service people robots, and saying they don't care one whit about service isn't very helpful - better to stay focused on the facts.

You say that you have an acknowledgement of receipt from the company for this machine, so it should be possible for them to track the case number. I suggest that you contact them again, and tell them that unless you receive your machine or a replacement within 14 days you intend to take legal proceedings against the company for recovery.

Why did you send this computer to HP in any case, rather than to the supplier from whom you purchased it?

  Kaacee 13:38 04 Nov 2007

Cant agree with FE, from my previous dealings with HP i would say their customer service is non existant

  Strawballs 15:34 04 Nov 2007

I have an HP pavillion laptop that has gone back twice once for the same thing of the charging socket and both times it was back within 4 working days repaired.

  Biznik 20:30 06 Nov 2007

To my astonishment, the repaired notebook arrived this afternoon by FedEx. This, after 2 months of waiting, sending numerous e-mails (geting the brush-off each time), making 4 calls that ended up overseas, AND finally contacting the President of HP explaining the problem once again. Yes, I did mention going through an attorney as a last resort. So once again, it's the squeaky wheel that...and so on. I have been upbraided for writing harshly about "such a fine company as HP" (or words to that effect) but this experience has not changed my opinion.

  Biznik 07:05 10 Nov 2007

Here is the sequel to this experience: I now have the Pavilion notebook after two months of waiting, BUT: (1) There are deep scratches on the cover, indicating careless handling; (2) The problem is exactly the same, after the "repair": the power socket is still loose, and the plug from the recharger does not stay in properly (no, the fault is not with the plug). I have decided that the only "solution" to this problem is to buy a Toshiba, or Lenovo, or some other brand and hope for the best. I don't want to go through this with HP again. They should stick with manufacturing printers, which they do very well. End of story.

  Strawballs 18:25 10 Nov 2007

I must admit mine has had that same problem twice now but both times they replaced the motherboard and returned the laptop within days.

  dilbar 22:56 14 Jan 2008

I await the return of my Pavilion laptop being provided with new motherboard under warranty. I was advised after contacting them by email to phone the 0845 number (under warranty it is disappointing to be shunted between 3 people and they kept putting me on hold, had not communicated with each other and were difficult to understand). HP request return directly to them rather than via the supplier (in my case Staples).

A separate gripe is that although they sold the laptop with Vista installed HP do not support Vista for my HP scanner - saying - buy a new one as they don't provide support for goods over 7 years old - mine is 5 years old! (managed to get it working anyway)- at the moment using a trusty old Acer laptop but short of memory).

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