HP iPaq HX4700

  Forum Editor 17:53 14 May 2005

Does anyone have personal experience of using this PDA?

One is winging its way to me as I write (a business gift from a grateful client, don't ask), and I want to know how much/little to look forward to it.

  ton 21:44 15 May 2005

No one else as lucky as you FE.

If the HX4700 is as good as the 2210 I've been using for the past two years I would be looking forward to it very much.

  Forum Editor 23:32 15 May 2005

The client isn't known for her generosity, which makes the unexpected gift all the more welcome.

I've looked at a couple of reviews, and they seemed OK. I've never been much of a PDA fan, but maybe this will change all that. I'll know for myself next weekend.

  Kate B 01:21 16 May 2005

In the same vein as ton, if it's as good as the 4150 I use, I hope you'll love it. The cut-down Windows is a bit clunky if you've ever used the elegant Palm OS but it does a lot. My only tiny quibble is that web-browsing using Pocket IE is a bit irritating in portrait mode - though you may be lucky and be getting a model that supports rotating the image to landscape.

Two gift-related cliches spring to mind:
there's no such thing as a free lunch and
never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Tell us which is the more appropriate when you get the PDA ...

  anchor 09:45 16 May 2005

FE: Have a look at this review:

click here

  Forum Editor 23:39 17 May 2005

That review has certainly raised my interest level somewhat, anchor.

The HX4700 does support rotating to landscape, Kate - you do it by holding down the calendar button apparently. I'm intrigued to see what a DVD looks like on this device, although I suspect I'll need to buy some extra storage....hardly a problem when I'm getting the device for nothing.

I'll report back on which cliche comes closest - I hope it's the second one.

  ton 01:14 18 May 2005

One of the great thing about the HX4700 (and my 2210) is that they can use two flash cards at the same time (SD & CF).

This makes it very convenient as you can install software on one and use the other for music, films, or as I do, remove the card from my digital camera, plug it in the Ipaq for a larger screen preview.

  Forum Editor 07:04 18 May 2005

I like the sound of it more each minute.

  Maturin 11:14 18 May 2005

I have used my HP2210 for nearly 2 years too and find it very handy for all sorts of things in my (medical) profession. The screen is good, but I think HP 4700 is even better! Photos are displayed clearly and the value of this was proved recently when I visited relatives abroad. MS Reader is a useful add-on, and Avantgo channels synchronised with my PC and home/work keeps me up to date. My machine is quick off the blocks but he 4700 is ev4n faster - enjoy!!

  Border Collie 19:12 18 May 2005

The HX4700 is total rubbish F.E. If you mail me via the little yellow envelope I'll send you my address. You can then pass it on to me for disposal. :)

  Forum Editor 19:14 18 May 2005

I've been working on the other side of the channel, delivery of the iPaq arranged for Thursday , so no problem.

Just got back (Weds p.m.)to find one of those courier "we tried to deliver but couldn't" cards on my mat. My client thought I would be pleased to get it a day early, and she was right - I would have been, but I haven't.......so I'm not.

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