HP DV9605EA jerky playback problem revisited.

  trv26 16:32 27 Jan 2008

Hi everyone.

Took my DV9605 to the stores to get checked. Had jerky playback, with Quickplay, which the technician was happy to accept. However, when he tried using Windows Media Center it seemed to play fine. Will try and play a few DVDs again just to make sure however.

So, to all those who had the same laptop returned, I was wondering if u had the problem, were you guys using Quickplay, and did you try using Windows Media Center at all? And if so, did you find a problem then as well? Will appreciate your response.

  grumpy-git 16:57 27 Jan 2008

Tried it all, Windows Media Centre, Quickplay (downloaded latest version which was something like 3.6 4820, from memory, so I might have got it wrong) and finally Windows Media Player.

The jerkiness with Media Centre was not in the same place in scenes as when using Quickplay, which I found difficult to understand.

One film had a plane flying from right to left across the screen, as it flew past a church tower using one of the players, it would stop for a split second, but using the other software it would keep going. Initially I thought the original film, or the dvd had a problem, but that wasn't the case - it worked fine on other computers.


  trv26 17:05 27 Jan 2008

Oh ok,so its not at the same places, no wonder I and the technician missed it. Thanks for letting me know, and glad I asked the question now.

  trv26 17:24 27 Jan 2008

btw g-g, hows ur search for a new laptop going?

  grumpy-git 17:35 27 Jan 2008


Still undecided, but might go for an Acer. Will let you know what happens.

  trv26 17:57 27 Jan 2008

ok klkl. They're gd value for money.

  grumpy-git 20:26 27 Jan 2008

Looking at an old advert for the 9605 on cheaplaptops.org, it quoted the following:-
* AMD Athlon 64×2 Processor TK55 (1.80 GHz, 1600 MHz FSB, 2 MB Cache)
* Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
* 120 GB Hard Drive
* 2 GB Memory
* DVD Rewriter MultiDrive
* Intergrated Webcam
* 17? Widescreen Display
* NVIDIA GeForce 7150M Dedicated Graphics

I don't know if the details were "exactly" the same on PC World or Currys sites, but I don't think the 7150M is dedicated graphics, it is integrated, and that is possibly?? where the playback problems are.

It wasn't 2mb of cache either.


  trv26 22:00 27 Jan 2008

Yep, possibly, since Vista gives the Graphics card an experience score of 2.6, and the recommended is atleast 2.9 I think. However this doesn't explain why the problem occurs in different scenes with different Media Players(although I haven't found the time to check that yet).

The graphics card isn't exactly integrated btw. It's got 64MB dedicated, but it uses up system RAM to get it up to 500MB.

  grumpy-git 23:22 27 Jan 2008

It does seem a confusing card. I had been doing a few searches earlier on, as in this:-

click here

There is eventually a mention that it does have a small amount of memory.

  trv26 15:20 28 Jan 2008

hmmm....got through whole of Hero(which I had trouble with in Quickplay) without any problems using Windows Media Centre. Just hoping the problem doesnt show up after my 28 days return period.

  trv26 22:28 29 Jan 2008

gosh, tried Matrix yesterday, MAtrix doesn't play properly in Windows Media Centre. Also, went to store today...no luck with refund...aaargh.

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