HP DV9605 PAVILLION no good ! POLL

  garryd 09:07 11 Jan 2008

Dv9605 laptop owners have took there laptop back in droves thats according to what a tec guy told me when i was in pcworld last night! Infact most was took back because of dvd playback it seems! i took mine back and alot of other people did who dident like the lines in the screen during full screen dvd playback ! How many other people took theres back for a refund or exchange !??

  matthewryan2k 10:22 11 Jan 2008

i will be tomorrow, dont know what my chances are of getting another one that is actually any good, especially if that other HP Pavillion is out of stock.

ps why is the other thread locked?

  garryd 11:54 11 Jan 2008

a back hander to pc advisor from hp one would expect !

  vinnygreg 20:36 11 Jan 2008

hey garryd i had to take my 9646 bk to pcworld today. the button on the mousepad went dodjy but they exchanged it for a new unit.

  garryd 22:49 11 Jan 2008

thats cool buddy ! loving mine!

  Forum Editor 00:05 12 Jan 2008

"a back hander to pc advisor from hp one would expect "

What a stupid, defamatory statement.

  rdave13 01:51 12 Jan 2008

Forum Editor, I'm sure that garryd will soon realise that tongue in cheek statements sometimes cause offence and will,hopefully, apologise. You never know.

  garryd 10:17 12 Jan 2008

rdave13 well why did you lock it ???? everyone was posting about the laptop and what was wrong with it ! so why lock it !

  garryd 10:19 12 Jan 2008

and no i wont say sorry! as anybody with any brains that read what i said could see i was just joking !lighten up shirley!

  rdave13 12:08 12 Jan 2008

I haven't locked anything. First time I've been called 'shirley'. Reminded me of that very funny film Airplane!

  Forum Editor 12:42 12 Jan 2008

'Anybody with any brains' would not have posted such a stupid comment - whether or not their tongue was in their cheek - and any more comments along the lines of "lighten up shirley!" will see us dispensing with your ready wit for good.

If you want to remain with us, that's great, but please learn to conduct yourself like an adult.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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