User-1300263 17:27 22 Oct 2008

HI if you are a dv2000 owner and your laptop wi-fi or lcd are dead HP have extened the warrenty, however when you check on the hp site click here the dv2xxx the link may not contain your service tag number, check the v3000 series as well.... some dv2000 laptops shipped as v3000 are able to get free repair. hope this helps some one

  User-1300263 00:51 04 Dec 2008

This exact same thing happened to my dv2000. I rang them to and said my particular product number was not in the extended warranty… complete BS - the extended warranty only has the product numbers of mostly corporate customers, not the little guys. Basically they said they would have to replace the motherboard. Its $400 US. I would rather by a new laptop for $600.

Anyway I opened it up myself and found that the thermal pads on the CPU and mainly on the GPU had seemed to be making poor contact. The GPU contact in particular is rediculously bad - it has a paste type stuff that is about 2mm think and then the heatsink on top of that. I replaced everything with artic silver. Mine now works 100% everytime and doesnt get as hot as it used to do.

By DanD on Jul 24, 2008

You can tell if its just the headsink problem. Turn your PC on and when it beeps leave it on and wrap it in a towel for 20 minutes or so until it gets warm, then it should boot. It looks like the CPU thermal paste drys and cracks, but when it heats up enough it ok and the GPU starts.

By DanD on Jul 24, 2008

One long beep and two short beeps indicates that the GPU chip is not working.

I have found that the GPU gum between the GPU and the heatsink is meant to fill about a 2mm gap, but the gum dries out and cracks. When this happens the chip overheats, and the BGA pins on the gpu loose there connection. If you leave the power on after the beeping and block the vents a bit, the GPU/CPU heat sink warms up enough to expand the solder on the BGA pins and make a connection and the laptop will run. But eventually the solder will fully fracture, and a ball may come off and then you are totally stuffed.

Fixing the heat sink does not fix the problem - its the cause of the problem though, so if you do get yours fixed, I would recommend opening it, scrapping off the blue gum, and inserting a 2mm peice of copper plate on-top of the GPU and using siler thermal paste to connect the GPU to the copper plate and then again on the other side to connect to the heatsink. But this won’t fix it if its already dead. (I tried it and I get the same long beep, two short beep).

To fix the problem you have to re-flow the solder on the BGA. This should be done as a last resort (after your laptop doesnt turn on any more even when you heat it up). You have to strip down laptop to the motherboard. Bake the motherboard in a fan forced over at 80 degrees celcius for at least 24 hours (to get rid of any moisture that might be in the chip or solder). Immediatly after you take it out of the over, you need a hot air gun capable of reaching about 300 degrees. Heat the entire GPU chip and its board (don’t worry - all components can take 300 degress celcius for solder-reflow and did when the board was made). Keep bumping the GPU chip very slightly with a small screw driver, it will eventually become loose. Don’t lift it up however. Just keep the heat on for a few seconds to let the solder reflow and make a connection with the balls underneath.

After that let it cool down and plug everything back in and it *Might* work. If not can you heat it up and try again.

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