HP DJ 5150

  EJB 18:24 10 Apr 2004

I have just ordered a new printer - a HP DJ 5150 before reading the PC Advisor reviews.
I am not sure if I have made the right decision. I am training to be a teacher and all I want to do is print lesson plans, essays and the occasional photo/picture. I am replacing a HP DJ 695C!!! which has served me well over the 5 years + that I have had it!!! Have I made the right choice with the DJ5150?

  Sir Radfordin 18:45 10 Apr 2004

Th 5150 is very similar to the 5650 and both are very good printers. Quick and high quality without costing the earth. HP printers have a good repuation so you shouldn't have any problems.

The alternitive would have been a personal laser printer but if you are anything like the trainee teachers I know then colour is essentail and you won't get that on a laser.

  EJB 20:05 29 Apr 2004

Just to say I have the printer now and its ok!

Thanks for your reply

  anniecat 00:39 30 Apr 2004

I'm a bit late with my contribution ( cos I only joined forum tonight) but I recently bought the hp 5150 and the duplexer and am well pleaed with it, it's EXTREMELY quiet runner after my old epsom traction engine. Haven't tried the duplexer yet so can't comment but my only gripe is the price of ink cartridges. cheapest set I've found so far is around £30 and that's for compatibles but with twice the ink of originals so I suppose it's not too bad.

  anniecat 00:55 30 Apr 2004

here's one of the sites I found with the cheapest ink, you need the numbers from the original cartridge packaging, but if you haven't got them they'll advise on freephone number 0800 0321 351
click here
Can't find mine just now sorry, think it's C6656A (black) and C6657A ( colour).

  Sir Radfordin 08:57 30 Apr 2004

Try click here for ink - may only be cheapest if you buy in bulk though.

  anniecat 14:27 30 Apr 2004

thanx for that. I'm assuming these are genuine hp inks so at £30.19 inc vat that's better than some I've seen, but I'm on a tight budget and compatibles are usually what I go for.. never had any problems with them and I have a friend who is usually in front of me when it comes to buying inks etc so I usually pick her brains first to make sure they are ok.. so far so good.. Thanks anyway

  shizzy 19:29 30 Apr 2004

Very happy with click here and their Max fill compatibles for my HP.

  EJB 22:12 08 May 2004

Has anyone had problems with the 5150 printing blank pages and jamming?

  anniecat 01:56 09 May 2004

I do very little printing anyway but I haven't had any probs, unlike my epsom that regularly took a wad of paper through at one go.

  [email protected] 08:58 09 May 2004

Ive had one for over 1 year & very happy with it - no problems at all.

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