HP Disappearing Laptop

  Ixora 20:16 14 Dec 2006

A while ago my son bought a top of the range HP Laptop under the Home Computing Initiative scheme. Unfortunatly after he had had it a while the screen got broke. After taking advice he contacted HP with regards to repairing it.

13 Sept 06. Call time 17mins
Rang HP and arranged collection for the following day. Was told that repair would be from 7 - 10 days.

14 Sept 06.
Laptop picked up.

28 Sept 06. Call time 32mins
Rang HP to see if Laptop fixed. Was told that they could not find my sons credit card details and were waiting for he to contact them to re-regester his details. HP could have rung my son as they had his phone number.

10 Oct 06. Call time 8mins
Rang again. Parts now arrived. Should be returned in 4 - 5 days.

17 Oct 06. Call time 46mins
Rang again. Put on hold for 46mins. Gave up as he had to go back to work.

17 Oct 06. Call time 28mins
Rang again. Excuse this time was that they had made a mistake and were still waiting for the parts.

29 Nov 06. Call time 32mins
Rang again. Excuse this time was that they were still waiting for the parts but there is a world shortage of computer parts.

11 Dec 06
My son rang the company who he is buying the Laptop through. They contacted HP and were told that they had never received the Laptop. They informed my son of what HP had said. My son then rang HP who said that they had returned the Laptop on the 14 Sept 06 to the address that it was collected from and that he had signed for it. (The same day that it was collected). My son then pointed out that he could not have signed for it as he could prove that he was not at the address after it had been collected. At this point the phone went silent.

HP have been making excuses for three months now. After telling him that it would be ready in 4 - 5 days in Oct they now say that they never received the Laptop. (Pull the other one HP). Up to now my son has spent 2hrs 43mins on the phone to HP at a cost of £4.29.

For a large company like HP I do not think that this is good enough. Their service is total rubbish. HP = How Poor.

My son has to ring them again tomorrow I will update on what happens.

Has anyone else had trouble with Hewlett Packard.

  Zeppelyn 22:57 14 Dec 2006

I assume you had a signed receipt when it was collected yes?

  Ixora 20:00 15 Dec 2006

Yes he has a signed collection receipt. He has now been in contact with Hewlett Packard again and after saying that they did not have the Laptop they now say that they do not know when it will be ready.
Quite honestly HP After sales / repairs appear to be completely useless.

My son has now been advised to write to HP asking them for the return of the Laptop so that he can get it repaired locally.

  spuds 11:38 16 Dec 2006

I believe the Home Computer Initiative scheme was set up as a tax incentive more than anything. This left many people in a dilemma as to who actually owned the selected computer until final settlement.

I would suggest that you check the original documents, and see as to what the actual route for repair is stated, before considering in getting it repaired locally.

  Ixora 13:23 16 Dec 2006

Thanks for that spuds. My son has been in touch with the company that he is buying it from and they have assisted him by contacting HP as well. They seem to have as much difficulty in getting sense out of Hewlett Packard as my son does.

  Ixora 15:11 16 Dec 2006

15 Dec 06
My rang to ask if there was any news on his Laptop. First of all he was told that they could not find it again, then asked to hold on line. After 15 mins he was told that it was ready and that it would be delivered Mom or Tues next week. Said that they were sorry for delay but there had been a fire at the warehouse. Will see if it arrives next week. Will keep informed when know more.

  Strawballs 21:18 16 Dec 2006

I too have a HP Laptop which I got April 2005 under the HCI and it has had to go back 3 times once for dead screen and twice for charging socket and all three times it was taken away by courier and brought back within 3 working days. The firm that arranged our computers were called Future Media I delt with them and they arranged collection. Try getting hold of the firm that arranged yours because you don't own a HCI machine you just lease it so they should chase it up for you as it is in there interest to as they own it.

  Ixora 23:29 16 Dec 2006

Hi Strawballs. Have been in touch with the firm that provided Laptop. They to have not had much success with HP. Will wait and see what happens next week.

  Strawballs 00:13 17 Dec 2006

As I said all 3 times I have had no trouble but I wish you good luck as I would never hear the last of it if it happened to me as the main user of the laptop in our house is the missus

  Ixora 20:40 20 Dec 2006

18 Dec 06 Received a text message from HP that Laptop was now fixed and wold be returned on 19 Dec 06.

19 Dec 06 Laptop returned in full working order.

The service received from Hewlett Packard was truly shambolic and would never buy another of their products ever.

  Strawballs 21:39 20 Dec 2006

I am very glad to hear of your return but am surprised at your treatment by HP because mine has had to go back 3 times once when it was 5 weeks old for a new screen and twice for a new MoBo for charging problems I proberbly will not get another HP laptop for that reason but not for their aftersales as all 3 times it was back within 3 working days.

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