HP 1629UK 2GB base unit for £399??

  gst89 00:12 29 Dec 2006

Hi all, I've scoured the web for reviews on this system but didn't find anything and was wondering wether this would be a good deal?

I'd like to invest in a new unit for the occasional game, 3d modelling, video production, mp3 storage etc and this seems too good to be true?

Thanks in advance for any opinions.

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Processor Intel Pentium D
Processor model number 820
Processor speed 2.8 GHz
Processor bus 800 MHz
Processor cache 2 MB
Memory (RAM) 2048 MB
Storage (hard drive) 200 GB
Optical drive Plays & records CDs and DVDs
2nd optical drive Not featured
Lightscribe technology Yes
Operating system Windows XP Media Centre
Application software MicrosoftWorks
Shared graphics 224MB
Dynamic graphics Not featured
Dedicated graphics Not featured
Dual graphics card Not featured
USB 2.0 slots 7
Firewire Yes
Media card slots 9-in-1
Remote control Not featured
Watch & record live TV Not featured
Keyboard Yes
Mouse Yes
Sound card 7.1
Speakers Not included
Built-in monitor Not included
Bluetooth Not featured
Built-in webcam Not featured

  Spencer. 00:44 29 Dec 2006

Graphics are lacking, shared graphics is no good for the tasks you have listed.

  sean-278262 01:06 29 Dec 2006

Brand HEWLETT PACKARD - good brand
Processor Intel Pentium D - Old processor
Memory (RAM) 2048 MB - Cheap to add to any system
Storage (hard drive) 200 GB - About adequate for most users. Nothing special
Optical drive Plays & records CDs and DVDs - Standard feature on anything today.
Lightscribe technology Yes - Not much use without the expensive media so a gimmic
Operating system Windows XP Media Centre - Not sure why on this type of pc
Application software MicrosoftWorks - Bundled free with just about every pc.
Shared graphics 224MB - makes that 2gb of ram more like 1.75.

As you can see from what I say it is a so so pc for the money A bit overpriced in my opinion but what is your budget and what are the applications you aim to use?

  gst89 01:45 29 Dec 2006

Hi, thanks for the replies.

Budget is £400, applications I'd like to use are Photoshop, Sony Vegas Video, games including Half Life and later Half Life 2, Sims etc.

These run ok(ish) on my current P4 1.7ghz, 512mb, 64mb graphics, 40gb hd system which is now over 4 years old and is starting to get a bit creaky so I was looking for a replacement.

I had thought of updating but its probably easier to get a new one.

Should I be looking for 2GB mem or would a faster processor &/or 1GB mem be more than enough ?


  mike1967 08:08 29 Dec 2006

Should do everything you want it to do as an improvement over you're old pc.

Not sure about the shared graphics though, some are not compatible with games, although its taking 256m of youre 2G is not really going to be noticed is it?

  mike1967 08:10 29 Dec 2006

As for overpriced add everything up and build it youre self im sure it'll come in at over 400 quid.

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