How's this for service.

  Andsome 07:48 26 Feb 2003

This posting is in the helproom, but someone who has seen it suggested that it should also be in Consumer watch. So forgive the duplication.

I have had my new computer for exactly 30 days today. I have been very pleased with it, but just in the last half hour I have noticed that the monitor seems to be a little off colour,(I think thats the best way to describe it). Area's of print on the webpage appeared to be lighter than adjacent area's. It is only very slight, but was not there before. I have just come off the telephone after describing the fault to an operator at the manufacturers, GNR. I described the fault to him, and he replied,'what address shall we deliver a replacement to on Thursday. How refreshing to deal with a company like that. NOW THAT IS SERVICE.

  Forum Editor 08:03 26 Feb 2003

and it illustrates how simple it is to keep customers happy. The operator has obviously been trained to recognise a manufacturing fault immediately, and to 'cut to the chase' rather than faff around trying to find a way out of providing a replacement.

The result is a happy consumer, and happy consumers is one of the main ingredients in the mix of things that makes a company successful.

As it should be, lets hope others follow such a good example.

  Andsome 08:31 26 Feb 2003

click here If anyone is interested, this is their website.

  Andsome 15:34 27 Feb 2003

3-45pm, and as promised my new monitor has arrived. Once again, HOW ABOUT THAT FOR EXCELLENT SERVICE? Any company can produce a problem item, but it is how it is handled when a complaint is made that matters. Once again GNR, WELL DONE.

  Andsome 15:38 27 Feb 2003

PS Should have said 2-45pm

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