how to stop freeview video red bleeding

  canard 11:54 05 Feb 2004

Please can any of PCA's gurus solve this? Videos made via Freeview [possibly also via analogue] have DREADFUL bleeding of red- red titles appear double and red expanses as spreading fog. Everything else v good. Would an RGB scart cable improve this or is there another solution?

  Stuartli 12:40 05 Feb 2004

Have you set the Freeview box to provide RGB or composite signals - composite are usually better, especially with older sets.

  anchor 08:43 06 Feb 2004

This sounds more of a problem with the VCR. Recordings made using a scart link are usually better, and I suggest trying this first.

  canard 13:54 06 Feb 2004

Thanks Stuartli and anchor. Have set box to CBVS which is the other option to RGB and am trying to decide on difference. Yes I'm using a scart plug but wondered if RGB scart cable is different from the just plain scart I'm using now.

  Stuartli 14:15 06 Feb 2004

I think RGB Scart cables are intended for games consoles, but may be wrong.

You only need a straightforward Scart cable and these can be obtained (make sure all 21 pins are connected so as not to compromise possible alternative use) from around £1.99 upwards from places such as B and M and similar discount stores.

  Stuartli 14:18 06 Feb 2004

I'm still using a Pioneer set top box with the original ONDigital layout and menus and have only briefly seen the latest interface, so don't know what configuration settings are available.

The ON/ITVDigital boxes provide the facility to switch from RGB to composite as required - in my case the composite works best as the manual suggests.

  anchor 17:30 06 Feb 2004

Could you possibly borrow a friends VCR and do a test recording?. This would tell you if the fault lies with your VCR.

(This assumes that the friends machine works OK).

Scart leads are available from many sources, including Maplin`s. A quality one costs about £10.

  canard 00:14 07 Feb 2004

Thankyou for the scart cable info Stuartli and anchor. I'm trying your advice.The VHS is new but the TV is quite old.

  hugh-265156 00:32 07 Feb 2004

using an rgb scart (fully wired 21 pins) from your freeview box to the tv will give the best picture with live tv.

vcr`s will benifet from using a good quality scart connector from the freeview box to the vcr.but they do not play back in rgb.using quality tapes when recording may also help.

try adjusting/lowering your tv colour settings when playing back a video as most vcr`s are prone to "fizzyness" with reds.lowering your tv colour settings should not affect the freeview picture on live tv if its connected via rgb scart.

  Stuartli 09:53 07 Feb 2004

You will probably get much better viewing results from a modern TV set.

Paying sums such as £10 for a Scart lead (an elderly friend was even persuaded to spend £13 on a fancy JVC one in very fancy packaging recently to go with a Freeview box) is a waste of money.

Outlets such as CPC in Preston (click here), part of the Farnell Group, supply both trade and the public with a wide range of quality Scart leads at sensible prices (about £2 upwards); similar prices will be found at local computer fairs for these and items such as USB leads/cables.

The high street retail trade, however, wants more than its pound of flesh as the markup for sales of such items dramatically boosts income for little initial outlay.

  anchor 11:55 07 Feb 2004

You mention that your TV set is quite old. How does the picture appear when watching live TV from your freeview box?.

How do VCR recordings made from terrestrial TV appear; and problems there?. Are you sure that you have tuned the TV correctly to receive the RF signal from the VCR.

Perhaps you can borrow a Scart lead to try, and see what difference it makes. Personally, I feel that whilst matters will improve, it is not the entire answer.

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