How to spend £600 in PC World

  lptpEoin 18:52 04 Sep 2011

Finally, after numerous "repairs", pc world have agreed to replace my laptop. I have a voucher for £590 to use. I had a fine HP but hardly used any of its potential.

I like to look things up,stream the odd match or you-tube but not alot more than that. I use an external hard drive to store music and fotos.

I think I might split that voucher and pick up a small laptop for college and have a larger one for home so I would like advice on how best to spend that voucher in PC world.

I am also a gadget freak so if people have ways to spend the voucher like that I am happy to hear suggestions.

  100andthirty 21:16 04 Sep 2011

I would suggest that you invest at least some of the money in another external hard drive. Taking your comments at face value, you have all your photos and music on an external hard drive. You really do need a back up for them! Such a drive need cost no more than £50. Acer, Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba are all good makes.

there sem to be 15.6" Intel i3 laptops on their website for around £500.

  chub_tor 21:31 04 Sep 2011

How about the iPad2 from PC~World?

  lptpEoin 08:51 05 Sep 2011

To 100andthirty:- Good advice on the external hard drive. I'l check out that laptop. I was hoping to get a decent mid table laptop and a small netbook (for word/office) for college.

To chub_tor:- I was looking at that but is it slower with less processing power than a laptop? It would look nice though :-)

Im still looking to get the best value out of my voucher i.e decent laptop and small net book or gadget etc. so any more advice appreciated.

  HondaMan 13:57 05 Sep 2011

Why spend it at a box-shifters store. Go to Novatech, unless, of course you are just windo shopping!

  Woolwell 14:11 05 Sep 2011

I have a desktop, laptop and ipad2. The ipad2 is great but there are things that it cannot do as well or not at all like a laptop. No DVD drive, no flash are just 2 points. Some PowerPoint animations don't work on an ipad. But I still think it is great.

HondaMan - the OP can only spend it at DSG. They are PC World vouchers - see first post.

  HondaMan 18:33 05 Sep 2011

So sell 'em and buy elsewhere. The legality of giving vouchers could perhaps be challenged.

  lptpEoin 23:00 05 Sep 2011

I suppose what I am looking for is the best laptop for £400ish and the best netbook/tablet for £200ish, and as its a PCworld voucher I have to spend it there

  Woolwell 21:40 06 Sep 2011

A tablet is great for when you are out and about, good for reading the internet, getting your e-mails, fires up quickly and is fine for that and may well be better than a netbook. But if I had to purchase one item I would buy a laptop. £200 will not buy a good tablet.

  chub_tor 22:18 06 Sep 2011

The problem I have found with netbooks in the £200 region is that they all come with Windows 7 Starter - which in my opinion is crap - and with 1Gb RAM which is insufficient to run Windows 7 Home Premium at a reasonable speed. If you get one of these low end netbooks (as I did) you will soon find yourself spending out more money to get it to run efficiently. If I was starting from scratch today and had £600 to spend and did not want a tablet (which as Woolwell says is desirable but has limitations) then I would look for one of the newer lightweight laptops with a screen around 13 inches and has a DVD drive. These can be found for sure at Toshiba and Dell and probably others by now.

  lptpEoin 10:32 13 Sep 2011

I finally bit the bullet and bought the Asus Transformer Eee with keypad and the Lenovo G570

I had to spend an extra £100 but I feel I got 2 good machines for my money. I did get an ASUS A52F-EX1393S 15.6" but returned this the next day. The keys were sticky (had to press hard on them) and the touch pad made the cursor jumpy.

I now want to find out as much about what I got so I can get as much out of them as possible. Thanks to all who gave me feedback.

P.S. I have set up a new post if you want to suggest ways of getting super cool things to do with my new devices No suggestions that contain bending over will be entertained.

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