How "silent" are mesh and evesham PCs

  Europa 21:49 15 Jul 2005

I am on the verge of buying my second computer and I narrowed my search to three companies : Mesh, Evesham, and Kustom PCs. One thing that bothers me is that with Kustom PCs I can discuss and add components which will make the PC as silent as I want, but they are a bit more expensive than the two others. Mesh and Evesham have some good systems but there is no way that I can find how noisy they are.(maybe something to be added to the PC Advisor reviews?). Has anyone got one of the latest mesh or evesham PC and how "silent" do you find them?

  Ancient Learner 21:57 15 Jul 2005

My Mesh is 12 months old, so I suppose it is at least 'recent'.

It is a 3200 64, with 2 HDs. It is not silent, but then it is not what I would call noisy. I have a fan running in the room to try to keep me cool, and that is quiet enough to have running all night in the bedroom, and that drowns out the PC noise.

  jan-boy 22:56 15 Jul 2005

Iv'e got a new Mesh AMD 64 3500 SLI Deluxe and it is no more noisy than my old Mesh Matrix 1600.

  Belatucadrus 00:01 16 Jul 2005

click here and click here for some lab results, even within brands it seems to vary a lot, neither of the Mesh reviewed are quiet, but one of the Eveshams is. Why not ask them if they have sound output levels for the PCs you're looking at ?

  Pesala 08:23 16 Jul 2005

The Aries Performa looks like a good budget PC.

I wonder why PC Advisor doesn't include figures for noise in its reviews. This is surely important to many potential buyers. A keyboard or mouse is easily changed if it is not quite right, but silencing a noisy PC is an expensive and risky option as you may invalidate the warranty.

  anchor 09:59 16 Jul 2005

It seems to be a fact that all the newer, more powerful machines are noisier than those of a few years ago. They obviously need more cooling.

How noisy is "too noisy" is down to personal judgement.

I can certainly hear the fans in my new Evesham, but for me its not excessive.

  Europa 12:41 16 Jul 2005

Thank you for your answers, I understand that the more powerful computers are noisier than the old ones(especially that I've got an Athlon 850) that's why one of my priorities is to make my new PC as near silent as possible, it will be placed in my lounge and I do not want the system to compete noisewise with the television, or my neighbours will ask for my head. If there is savings to be made on a system, I suppose the "noise reduction" option is sacrified. I still think that it is an option that should be offered in any PC configuration. I have sent a first email with a few preliminary questions to PC Custom and they seemed very helpful so far.

  De Marcus 12:52 16 Jul 2005

You might consider a shuttle machine, almost silent and small form factor attributes marry well in my lounge, downsides are there's little room for upgrades, so buy the best you can afford.

Just a suggestion to mix it up a bit ;-)

  Europa 13:28 16 Jul 2005

Well, I have got a size issue, and not every good things come in small packages. Actually I rather like the Thermaltake Damier V5000D as a starter, plenty of room for expansion :-)))

  wee eddie 16:12 16 Jul 2005

Take their advice as to the cases, heat-sinks, graphics cards and fans that you use, and you should have an unique PC.

I believe that a major source of noise, these days, comes from the newer high end Graphics Cards.

  freaky 16:29 16 Jul 2005

I have a Mesh Matrix A64 with AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor. The PC was supplied with the following MOB: -

Asus A8V Deluxe GG LAN/1394/Sata/Raid Audio (939) Pin.

This particular MOB incorporates 'Cool & Quiet' technology. Basically the Fan speeds varies according to how much work the CPU is handling. I find it to be exceptionally quiet in operation.

If you are choosing a new PC then purchase one that has a MOB that supports the above technology.

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