How to save money on batteries?

  DieSse 14:57 20 Aug 2007
  hereford456 17:25 20 Aug 2007

Not advisable to do, But i think you know that already;-)

  spuds 18:04 20 Aug 2007

Go to Poundland to save money on batteries.All types. Their Hyundai Button batteries, 50 on a card for (you guessed it) £1.00. I have a calculator that uses 2x 389's which the local jeweller charges a £1.00 each (markup of £1.96!).

  Pine Man 18:21 20 Aug 2007

Why on earth is it not advisable?

All you are doing is removing the 'stronger than usual' wrapping.

Well done DieSse.

  hereford456 19:59 20 Aug 2007

Only certain batteries can be used this way.

  namtas 23:23 20 Aug 2007

"All you are doing is removing the 'stronger than usual' wrapping" - True, in this instance yes that is so, but what it fails to advise is that not all cells are constructed of internal separate batteries. Break into the case of a D Cell in this way and you have some pretty nasty compounds on your hands.

  DieSse 00:15 21 Aug 2007

"Only certain batteries can be used this way."

The video clearly shows that.

  BT 07:23 21 Aug 2007

If you have a quartz watch, you will normally pay about £4.99 to have the battery replaced at the shop. If you have a Timpsons Shoe repair/watch repair outlet nearby (ours is in Tescos)and pay about £8.99 they will give you free replacements for the life of the watch. This is obviously only worthwhile if you have a decent watch, as its hardly worth it with a £1.50 petrol station one.

  €dstowe 07:48 21 Aug 2007

Similar to spuds, I have a Texet calculator which takes two AG10 cells. These cells cost £2-50 each at a local TV shop.

Tesco are selling this same model calculator in their "Back to School" promotion for £1-95.

How can this be reconciled?

  HighTower 07:55 21 Aug 2007

So as the video showed Energizers being taken apart, is it safe to assume that if we go out and buy Energizers we can benefit from this?

  €dstowe 07:59 21 Aug 2007

Ensure they are the 12 volt ones before you get the knife out.

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