How to return faulty mobile phone

  VNAM75 20:30 09 Nov 2005

I have had a Sony W800i phone for about 2 months, bought from mobilefun on an o2 1 year contract. The other day the phone suddenly stopped working and I have had the message "Insert Sim" since. I have tried powering off and reinserting the Sim several times.

I contacted o2 who told me not to send the phone back to where I bought it but take it to one of their stores for them to check the SIM card and phone, and if found faulty it will be sent back to be replaced/fixed. Mobilefun emailed me asking me to send it back to them, together with order details and reason for return. I do not have insurance but am claiming against manufacturer's warranty on the basis there is a fault with the phone. I have not dropped or damaged the phone in anyway as the exterior is in perfect new condition.

Could anyone tell me whether in this situation who is responsible for the phone, the store I bought the phone from, or the company with whom I have the contract. I paid £47.95 to Mobilefun for the phone and o2 debits £25 from my account each month.

  sattman 21:08 09 Nov 2005

Sale of Goods Act 1979. Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994. The Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002.

• "It is the seller, not the manufacturer, who is responsible if goods do not conform to contract."

Your contract is with the sellar, in this case it appears that you have both the sellar and the Manufacturer eager to repair your phone.

From your point of view It really does not matter who repairs it, but question to ask if you get the sellar to do it will he use a third party.

If the manufacturer does it it should be as new.

  spuds 23:11 09 Nov 2005

As the above post points out, the seller is responsible for at least the first twelve months, to rectify any problems. Sometimes though the manufacturer can be the best option, and this can be suggested by the seller, the choice of action would be for you to decide, but remember once the manufacturer becomes involved on your approval, the seller can deny some responsibility. In the above Act and the first six months, it is for the seller to prove that there are no manufacturing faults.

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  VNAM75 19:29 10 Nov 2005

Got email from o2 telling me to contact sony which was different to what was suggested on the phone. Decided to take the phone to my local o2 store who were quite helpful. Signed a form and they said they will send the phone back to sony to get fixed, taking about 10 days. In the end, which ever way, it ended up going back to the manufacturer.

  Danoh 09:00 20 Jan 2006

Good thing there were others to help you resolve the problem besides Mobile Fun Ltd.

I've tried to place a simple order for 2 Bluetooth devices and they continue to send me the wrong items and charge me for the same wrong items incorrectly. There is no response to my emails and when I finally get through on the phone, what they say and what they do are completely different.

  Danoh 09:19 20 Jan 2006

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  Danoh 21:49 20 Jan 2006

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Fri, [email protected]:56
Danoh, I ended up buying the Sony W800i (from Mobile Fun) because of its style, camera and music capabilities. --8< snip >--

But Ive been having problems with it. I get the "Insert Sim" error message even though the sim card works in my other phone. It was fixed once but the problem has re-occurred.

Does anyone know how I can sort this out? I have tried cleaning the terminals/connectors but without success.

But I took it to my local o2 store who fixed it under warranty at the their repair centre. But the Insert Sim message has re-occurred.

~ ~ I ~ transfering my o2 prepay number to a o2 contract phone.

<<< >>>>

Was it a new SIM card with your old O2 number ported over?

I remember having a similar recurring error message when I'd used an existing SIM card on a newer phone (I think) some time ago. I can't remember exactly how the problem went away. But it may be removing and leaving the battery disconnected from the mobile for a few hours/a day. That will ensure that all items stored in memory is wiped. I remember having to re-enter the current date and time afterwards, exactly as if it was a brand-new phone straight out of wrapping.

How did the O2 shop fix it the 1st time round?

May also be an idea to start a new thread specific for this query, with a Title such as "Recurring 'Insert SIM Card' Error Msg on new w800i mobile". That should catch the eye of anyone browsing and who has resolved a similar issue.

  pavvi 08:14 21 Jan 2006

They probably flashed the software. It does sound like a software issue

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