How reliable are Epson Printers!

  spuds 19:24 19 Jul 2005

Put this in ConsumerWatch as it it not really a Helproom problem.

I have HP and Lexmark inkjet and Samsung laser printers. All work very satisfactory and do the job intended. My oldest printer is an HP OfficeJet 590 of about 5/6 years vintage, which is still chugging along nicely.My oldest Lexmark is about 2 years old, and again chugging along nicely.

Never had an Epson before,I decided to purchase the Epson CX3600 the other day, for which I am awaiting delivery.[Know thinking 7 day Distance Selling Regulations]. Today I visited the local cartridge factory, and was surprised that they had stopped selling Epson printers, and are now dealing with HP and Canon printers only.Their opinion was that Epson were becoming to troublesome after about six months usage, and so they have now stopped selling the Epson printers. They still continue to sell Epson original and compatible cartridges.

So as a consumer, have I made a mistake with my new selection of Epson, and should I have stuck with my trusted and well respected HP's and Lexmark's, or even another brand. Should mention that I chose Epson mainly for cartridge availability and price, but it seems as though I may have made a mistake there, with very low capacity cartridges for the Epson CX3600. What do you think!.

  stalion 19:27 19 Jul 2005

I have always had an Epson printer and have not experienced any problems at all.

  Curio 19:32 19 Jul 2005

I use a cheap Epson Stylus C46 printer for mainly text printing. No problems in the few months I have owned it. I use a specialist 6X4 colour printer for photographs (HiTi 630PL) so cannot really comment on colour prints. Have had Canon and Lexmark 3 in 1 before this.

  Pooke 20:02 19 Jul 2005

My epson c66 is going strong with substantial use for the last 7 months, bought it back in December. I use the compatibles from my local shop where I bought my PC and am more than happy.

I am eyeing up a an epson r300 or the r320 next. click here Just have to wait til I get a spare bit of cash or someone buys me one for my birthday.


  amonra 20:13 19 Jul 2005

Some you win, some you lose. I have friends with Epsons which have worked brilliantly for years and others which have died after a few months. These modern printers are made to a price, so what do you expect ? If it lasts 12 months and it's cheap enough - - - - -

  ton 20:51 19 Jul 2005

I've been using Epsons for several years.

I have three, a 700, 740 and an excellent R300.

Never any problem with Epsons.

The only printer I've had that failed was a Canon.

  ton 20:57 19 Jul 2005

I would add that as stated above, printers are very cheap to buy, so you shouldn't really expect them to last for many years.

Like most PC parts, a couple of years usually means big advances in the technology.

  961 21:05 19 Jul 2005

With an Epson printer, the print head is part of the machine. If it goes wrong it's bi-bi time

With HP and others, the print head is in the ink cartridge. If it goes wrong you buy a new cartridge. Rather different

If you keep an Epson in a warm room and don't use it, the ink will dry and clog the heads.

If you keep an Epson in a warm room and use it regularly you won't have a problem

Which is the easier option?

I've got HP printers in the loft from 10 yrs ago that still work

  wiz-king 22:04 19 Jul 2005

I have got Epsom dot matrix printers (12) that have done over 1 million three ply forms between them with no trouble at all. Dont know about the ink-jets though. I am happy with the quality.

  oresome 22:06 19 Jul 2005

Have had a Photo 700 for several years without any real problems. The original was faulty on purchase and replaced straight away because one of the colours was blocked and wouldn't clear.

Used infrequently in a warm room and so its always wise to check the print head prior to printing on expensive paper. Sometimes several attempts needed to clear the head, but always succeeded to date. This "problem" seems no worse\better using compatible inks.

My daughters C40, used in similar circumstances wouldn't clear even after using a third party head cleaning program. Gave up after spending an evening at it. (It had been left several weeks with am empty cartridge)

Came back from 2 weeks holiday and thought I would give it one last try. Tested it first and it was working perfectly!

  Stuartli 22:55 19 Jul 2005

Epson is a division of Seiko of Seiko, Pulsar and Lorus watches fame, plus the Seikosha in-between lens shutters that so many of us used in the past.

That should tell you more than enough about quality and reliability.

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