How much to sell xp 1.6gig desktop system for?

  theDarkness 20:15 29 Sep 2008

Its an athlon 1.6 gig desktop from 2001, so not dual core. i have upgraded it to 2 gigs of ram. It has a pci seperate sound card (hercules muse gamesurround 5.1) and seperate agp graphics card (nvidea 256mb geforce fx 5500) installed. There are 2 dvd drives (the second burns onto dvd, artec model, upto 2.4 double layer dvd-r). There are also two hard drives installed, 300gig and 160gig, the largest with a cooler attached. Plus a pci broadband modem. Would i be better off selling everything seperately? If not, how much would you suggest i sell the system for, as a rough estimate? Not a high spec, but it certainly competes with my vista laptop which is a dual core 1.6gig machine, also with 2 gig of ram- although with built in graphics. thanks :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:37 29 Sep 2008

£50 - £70.


  theDarkness 21:29 29 Sep 2008

Ok i should reword this as "what would YOU sell the system for"?! :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:32 29 Sep 2008

£50 - £70.


  Clapton is God 21:34 29 Sep 2008

It's nothing to do with what you, him, her or anybody else would sell it for.

It's about what the market will stand, i.e. anybody who might want to be a used PC.

GANDALF <|:-)>'s estimate is about right - there really is no market for used PCs

  Clapton is God 21:35 29 Sep 2008

that should of coure read "anybody who might want to BUY a used PC".

  MAJ 21:55 29 Sep 2008

It's difficult, theDarkness, especially seeing how inexpensive a new dual-core PC can be click here There are some decently specced laptops around for about £350 as well, so selling secondhand PCs can be soul-destroying.

  theDarkness 22:18 29 Sep 2008

I think ill probably get more by selling all extra parts, graphics and sound card, as seperates, then.. The market for wanting a second hand system may be decreasing at a great rate, but since the system performs as well as my vista laptop, i wouldve thought i could get as much for it as i would have for the vista laptop- if the laptop was second hand.. on a lucky day!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:26 29 Sep 2008

The 'extra' parts will be worth even less as there is nothing that anyone would realistically want.


  theDarkness 22:38 29 Sep 2008

I still see the same graphics and sound card i have on sale at pc world full price, and the extra 300gig hard drive as well as dvd burner are both practically brand new, hardly used. I guess im far more likely in selling the hard drive and dvd burner than anything else

  GaT7 23:06 29 Sep 2008

You're called theDarkness, but the others are the most discouraging & depressing lot I've seen in a long time! Why do people answer posts in such a negative way & about something they obviously know very little about?

Of course, there's a market for secondhand components, & probably better to sell separately as you rightly thought.

There's eBay for one & several forums that allow this sort of thing - here's a couple for example click here & click here - need to be registered on both for a start. I use them regularly, especially to buy. G

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