How Much Does Your Time Cost?

  Pesala 19:10 30 May 2003

Curious about the Time advert at the top of the page, I clicked the Advert to see the impressive price of £899. Hmm, not bad I thought, but then is that ex VAT etc?

So I clicked on buy, choose standard free support, and got down to the bottom line.

TIME N3901TRAV XP2400+ £1198.00

Delivery Cost:

Basket Total:

So how much is it - £899 or £1,248?

  Rayuk 19:23 30 May 2003

Just had a look,when you click on buy the next page has already got a mark on 3 year plus warranty at £298.98,if you click on nil package at bottom it will uncheck previous choice.
Of course there is the delivery charge £50 and dont forget if you want a cd with the os on that will cost another £50-60

  crx1600 19:28 30 May 2003

i tried it and it came back as VAT included, free support plus £49.99 delivery.

total £948.99.

  leo49 19:58 30 May 2003

I charge £15 an hour for local home visits - how much do you charge? :o)

  rev.bem 20:24 30 May 2003

what do i get for £15 :0)

  Pesala 20:33 30 May 2003

and you get to talk about your problems. Much cheaper than psychotherapy, and less painful than counselling. I will teach you how to meditate and solve your problems yourself.

  DieSse 21:10 30 May 2003

Not nearly enough to run a business, I would have thought.

  wee eddie 21:25 30 May 2003

One local lad charges £30ph. I've used him once, he did most of what he said he would within the time he reckoned. He also freelance's for a local business and they charge him out at £60ph.

Another lad charges £25ph but took three times as long to do the job as he estimated and was not totally successful.

I hope that gives you an idea

  wee eddie 22:04 30 May 2003

Pesala - You must have accidentally clicked the Directors Golden Handshake Key

  leo49 22:13 30 May 2003

It's just a hobby - I might as well get paid for playing around with PC's as that's what I'd be doing anyway.

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