How many junk emails do you get?

  fly 17:56 26 Oct 2006

I counted the number of emails which were filtered to my BT junk box, it was 6500 over a 3 month period. Is this excessive?

  anskyber 17:59 26 Oct 2006

I'm trying not to tempt fate but in three month.....none.

  961 18:46 26 Oct 2006

I've noticed an increase lately to, perhaps, 10 a day

So, yes, yours are excessive. Are you using a filter such as Mailwasher? Does your ISP have a spam filter and, if so, have you got it turned on?

  freaky 18:57 26 Oct 2006

With NTL BB I get about 10 per day, most of which appear to be from the USA as they are trying to sell US share stocks.

About 18 months ago I was getting 50 or more per day.

  v1asco 21:54 26 Oct 2006

None this year.

Someone told me to use numbers in my email address and since then very few.

My wife has a strange address and gets one a week .

  Jimmy14 23:00 26 Oct 2006

thank god Norton Anti-Spam blocks the usual 5-10 every day. Very annoying in my outlook inbox but they just go to the norton spam folder and get deleted.

  sean-278262 03:27 27 Oct 2006

1600 in 30 days. However thats all been caught by the spam filter. Only 3 this month hit my inbox. My spam email account (used for signing up to sites that I do not trust gets 6500 emails per month in the spam filter and a further 650 a month in the actual inbox.

  jonmac 09:17 27 Oct 2006

MIne seem to have increased of late to 100+ per day, caused by my email address having been on my old Freeserve Website for years. My Spam filter in Plusnet marks them as such but I still have to check through in case of errors. I get none through my Plusnet email address (so far)

  fly 09:28 27 Oct 2006

Yes, my spam is filtered by BT filters, but I have to look through them in case a genuine email has got in there. I thought about numbers in the address (can't change this with BT) but as all email addresses are really numbers anyway I can't think that this would make any difference. Wouldn't it be great if one could send back a virus and corrupt their computers?

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