How many advisors does it take?

  kaff 23:03 08 Jan 2007

I phoned helpline with a internet problem, after speaking to four diffrent departments and 1hr and 10 min on the phone I completed the full circle and was put back to the first dept I had spoken to. Thankfully this time I got an advisor who could and did help. At one point I was put through to sales! I remained calm all the time but how is a mystery to me. Happy days.

  lisa02 23:15 08 Jan 2007

Maybe the liked the sound of your voice and wanted everyone to hear it ;)

  Stuartli 23:15 08 Jan 2007

Which ISP or company was involved?

  spuds 23:19 08 Jan 2007

You do not say if it was a freephone, 0840 or 0870 number. That 1hour 10minutes could make all the difference.

  kaff 09:14 09 Jan 2007

Thanks all for your response, Lias02 dont know about likeing the voice, with my accent and thiers it was a trial to say the least.

Stuarti, sorry silly, me it was/ is AOL spot the fraudulant slip,

Spuds, wouldnt you know it was an 0870 number at7.5 pence per min do you think AOL will pay the bill when it comes in?

  Jackcoms 10:23 09 Jan 2007

"it was/ is AOL spot the fraudulant slip"

What's fraudulent about it?

Or do you mean Freudian?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:20 09 Jan 2007

AOL (UK) 0870 3202020

0117 9191100 0800 2796771

Member services, including technical support
New customers enquiries:

0800 2006254 or 0117 9191101/3


  oldbeefer2 12:49 09 Jan 2007

Useful link - thanks.

  ForestChav 16:05 09 Jan 2007

Yeah, but if you're nowhere near Bristol then the 0117 will cost you national rate, same as the 0870. No gain.

(talk package conditional)

  Diodorus Siculus 18:54 09 Jan 2007

0870 numbers almost always cost more than standard calls to 01 /02 numbers.

Further, if you have a mobile with inclusive minutes to 01/02 lnes you can make greater savings.

  kaff 19:08 09 Jan 2007

Diodorus Siculus. Thanks for the numbers I hope never to need them but will try if need be.

Jackcoms. yes sorry, fraudulent? thought I was at work!

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