How long without car insurance before you loose your no claims bonus.

  birdface 14:14 28 Feb 2012

Just wondering when and if you loose your no claims bonus.

I have my van off road with no insurance since last August.Just wondered if there was a time limit for being able to use your no claims bonus.

Just had a quick Google and it came up with this.

If you are not currently insured, any No Claims Bonus earned under your last policy can usually be transferred, providing it expired within the last 2 years. The period of grace allowed may differ depending on insurer and policy type. Some insurers allow No Claims Bonus that is up to 3 years old with others it becomes invalid after 12 months. Some will decline to accept bonus altogether where there has been a break in cover.

Anyone any experience of claiming your no claims bonus or been turned down recently because it has expired.

  birdface 14:28 28 Feb 2012

Forgot to add I have been added to my Brother in laws and my daughters car insurance but as they are not in my name I presume that they will not count.

Just trying to decide whether or not it is worth renewing or whether to get a free bus pass instead.

Costs about £800 for tax insurance and I very seldom use it except to do my taxi driver or the odd run to Skegness.

I have got to the 50-50 stage as to keeping it or getting rid of it.

I have the use of my Brother in Laws car for the next month at least so not in a hurry to make my mind up.But would like any information about loosing my no claims bonus in case I decide to keep it for another year.

  interzone55 14:55 28 Feb 2012

As your first post, most insurers will accept proof of no claims bonus providing it's under 24 months old, although many of the budget insurers will only be 12 months.

Some insurers will take company car use providing you have proof of no claims.

As an aside, I have just changed insurers and they've not asked for proof so far, although my cover doesn't start until Thursday, I wonder if there's some kind of central repository for this information.

And as proof that it pays to use comparison sites, my current insurer increased my premium from £360 to £497, and that's despite the fact that I'm now in a very low crime area and have CCTV. The best they could do is reduce the premium by two months. A quick search on Meerkat and I've got better cover for £358 from Kwik Fit Platinum

  birdface 16:08 28 Feb 2012


As mine is a van and I only use it as a car I have to insure it as a van.But even so it is usually about the £380 mark.

I only do about 2-3000 miles a year so no high mileage.I am just wondering if it is worth the expense as it just sits outside the door without much use.

As long as I don't loose my no claims bonus I still have the oppertunity of renewing my insurance as it would probably be to expensive for me without it.

Will wait and see if my brother in law is going to live in Spain for another year or not.

My old insurance company was going to put my insurance up to £475 so I will shop around to get the best deal if needed.Thanks for the advice.

  wee eddie 16:15 28 Feb 2012

Point of interest: Vans are usually more expensive to Insure than Cars of a similar Capacity.

The reason: Even old ones are frequently broken into, to see if there are Trade Goods/Tools inside.

  birdface 00:14 29 Feb 2012

Just read how expensive fuel is just now and if I have my figures worked out it is nearly £7.50 a gallon.£1.49 a litre of which around 88p is tax.

I now hear it is supposed to go up another 3p a litre tomorrow in the Budget which I think is taking the P out of those that use it.

The free bus pass is beginning to look good.

wee eddie

Thanks for the comments on why a Van is more expensive to insure than a car.Never thought of it that way.

  wee eddie 08:21 29 Feb 2012

Spammer ~ FE told

  birdface 08:28 29 Feb 2012

Ok have worked it out the chances of me renewing my insurance is fading away when I think of the total costs.

So will close this now that I know that I should be Ok with renewing it this year if need be.

  interzone55 20:52 29 Feb 2012


I now hear it is supposed to go up another 3p a litre tomorrow in the Budget which I think is taking the P out of those that use it.

What budget?

Think you're confusing the call for the Chancellor to cancel the 3p rise due in August with a budget.

The actual Budget date is 21st March

  birdface 21:10 29 Feb 2012

Yes don't know where I got that date from but heard that it was going up 3p a litre in the budget.

Price of fuel is getting out of control with most of it tax.

£7.50 a gallon is pathetic looks like I will have to stop doing my free taxi driver.

Maybe the get on your bike slogan may come back again.

  interzone55 22:07 29 Feb 2012

£1.49 a litre sounds quite steep though, my local Asda is £1.39.7 a litre.

And to clear up the gallon price, you multiply by 4.54, so £1.49 a litre is £6.76 per gallon

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