How long in the tooth is my graphics card?

  Bailey08787 10:43 01 Dec 2004

I have a Leadtek 128mb Ti4400 A250 GeForce 4 card

I've been away from the scene for a while, but as I can't even find my graphics card on the leadtek website anymore click here i'm thinking it could be time for an upgrade.

I'm going to be playing the latest games (ie, half life 2, pro evo 4, rome total war, etc.) so I was wondering if i need / will notice the difference in buying a new card?

I'll probably try and buy one second hand off ebay or something - but don't really want to spend more than £50-£60. Is there a card out there I can get for that money that would make a world of difference?


  PsiFox 10:52 01 Dec 2004

Well your budge limite you to basically the GFX card PCW have on a half price offer at the moment.

What is the rest of your system spec though.


  Bailey08787 11:08 01 Dec 2004

I have a P4 2.8ghz, 1gb memory, xp pro, and this motherboard click here

The only reason I'm reluctant to spend more is that I can foresee the end of agp cards, what with pci express and all

(plus bear in mind, if my budget's £60 - I may be able to get a card worth more than this if I'm buying it second hand of ebay or something)

  PsiFox 11:20 01 Dec 2004

Your spec is certainly ok. I would go for the geforce fx5700 at £49.99 at PCW.PCI-E is very new at the moment so I don't think you have to worry about AGP becoming obsolete just yet.


  Bailey08787 11:35 01 Dec 2004

are you talking about this one?

click here

And it does HL2 on medium settings, Rome total war fine so i guess yours could cope...

And for an upgrade of £50-60 i guess you wouldnt get much of a boost except with DX9 features on some newer card's. If you could stretch a little bit more a Raedon 9800 SE would be good, as you can overclock it safely to speeds of 9800 Pro thus giving a better performance boost.

  gudgulf 13:04 01 Dec 2004

I have used a Ti4400 myself and to be honest you wont see a vast difference in speed between your card and a some cases your card may well be a bit faster.Certainly no other card in your price bracket will be any better as even though they support the latest Directx9 games they lack the horsepower to run them properly.Pilch from has the best will be amazed at the improvement spending a bit more will bring.

One other thing,I also have a 2.8GHz P4/1.5GB ram and I have just upgraded to an ATIx800xt. Expensive(*very* expensive) but the results are gobsmacking to say the least.Halflife2 at full resolution,all details at maximum and full aa/anisotrophic filtration as smooth as you like.Obviously you may not want to go quite as far as that but I would definitely not worry about AGP slot redundancy just yet. Push the boat out a bit and see just what your existing pc can do!!! ;o))

  BITS&BOBS 13:26 01 Dec 2004

Its dead.

  Bailey08787 17:08 01 Dec 2004

so would all generally advise I bought a Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 SE 128MB - which I believe I can get for around £90?

and then do a bit of tweaking to get the baby into a Pro?

Much better way to do it...

The actual pro versions are about £140 which would blow your budget way out of the water, but the 9800 SE clocked to 9800 pro would suit you better... only thing that you may have to watch is the temps on the card, but one of the artic cooler's would sort that at about £15

  Starfox 19:02 01 Dec 2004

Go with Pilch,it's good advice.

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