how long should a UPS last ???

  Seth Haniel 12:05 06 Jul 2007

We had a power dip night before last and was surprised to see my computer rebooting - the IBM Office Professional 500i UPS just flashing its lights and doing nothing else
I can't remember how long i've had it, but doesn't seem that long - couple years maybe

will have to look through my records to see when I actually bought it - but definitly not up to the job it was supposed to do.

  recap 12:28 06 Jul 2007

Roughly 30 - 36 months in my experience. I think it also depends on the size of batteries the unit has?

  Seth Haniel 12:53 06 Jul 2007

but battery is 100% OK it is the unit thats failed

  wee eddie 13:47 06 Jul 2007

Did you or how often did you test it?

  namtas 13:58 06 Jul 2007

In theory an UPS should last for years unless component damaged - the batteries are age dependant and the weak link in that aspect but you should be able to replace them.

  wee eddie 14:39 06 Jul 2007

If it was unable to find the Reactive Software, that it uses to Shut-down the Programs that are open, on your PC.

That might explain it's reaction

  Mike D 15:04 06 Jul 2007


Funny you should ask. Our UPS for the server has started to play up. All tests show no problems and the battery will charge up, but it seems that if there is a power drop or cut (and we do get a lot of this in this area of Birmingham) it switches to battery but will not revert to ac power (once the stuff has stopped hitting the fan) until the vbatteries are discharged.


  wee eddie 16:01 06 Jul 2007

Someone, in another thread, said that one should dis-charge and re-charge ones batteries at least once every 3 months. Can't comment but it makes sense.

So maybe it is saving you a job.

  Input Overload 16:17 06 Jul 2007

wee eddie I do that a full discharge 3 or 4 times a year then a full charge, a UPS it's self should last indefinitely, I have one here I am using that’s eight years old. It recently had a battery change.

  Quiet Life 23:18 08 Jul 2007

I can see no point in discharging and recharging a sealed lead acid battery. Any lead acid battery if totally discharged will be ruined. UPS use deep discharge batteries which are capable of going down to a low state of charge (20%) without damage and presumably the unit cuts out when that safe level is reached. My APC UPS is seven years old and still works OK without any interference on my part.

  Mike D 08:08 09 Jul 2007

wee eddie

You may be right. Since the "accidental discharge" last week when the server just stopped (oh my god!) the ups has charged fully and is behaving itself again - touch wood.


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