How long should a monitor last??

  STREETWORK 23:16 23 Nov 2004

Having been fobbed off by PC World over the longitivity of an Advent 174F CTX monitor which failed after limited 15 months use (I used my old one for a while). Most manufacturers say 3 year warrenty on swop-out. Why not PC World. Is about 15 months a reasonable time???

One PC World Techie said they should last longer than 3 years, another said otherwise, and a sales manager sid he would expect about 3-5 years. Thought they would change it to keep the customer for the sake of £90...

Your Thoughts???

  Alistaircant 23:49 23 Nov 2004

bought it from Office World tried to get one off them as most monitors do come with at least 3 years warranty. They told me to get on to the manufacturers; tried but it was some German company going under the name of "Head" (The Sports Brand).
So I lost out but can't you look at talking to Advent surly it is a Manufacturers Warranty.

  wjrt 00:16 24 Nov 2004

most monitorrs have a 3 year warranty. if you can't find Advent on web then politely ask PC world for phone number to contact them/or ask why warranty dtails were not included with purchase documents

  User-312386 01:00 24 Nov 2004

Define reasonable?

The monitor is should last a reasonable length of time.

I would go back to PC WORLD and start kicking up a fuss.

If you dont get any luck there, then e-mail me and i will give you a telephone number for a consumer rights radio programme who may be able to help you

  hugh-265156 01:12 24 Nov 2004

advent as far as i know are pc worlds own brand so i an told click here={85d1888c-9a67-498f-9569-5ce6d9572188}&ID={10b82854-6480-46c8-b7cd-d16264460686} and phone ask if you can rma it.

  hugh-265156 01:14 24 Nov 2004

sorry about the link try this one click here

  STREETWORK 07:02 24 Nov 2004

Thanks for the link huggyg.

PC World gave wrong tel number??

Service help at all

Local Branch....waste of time

  Stuartli 11:44 24 Nov 2004

In early 1999 I bought two iiyama 17in S702GT monitors (one for me and one for an offspring) - they have been in regular use for many hours daily and both are still fault free and never required the brightness and/or contrast levels to be altered.

I know of several other long lasting monitors, some of which date back to the early 1990s, still doing sterling service.

In fact, many of the refurbished monitors you can buy today from various sources have been used in a business environment for a considerable period and are normally still good for home use for some time to come.

  Vague Boy 11:48 24 Nov 2004

My Viewsonic (bought 1999) has had considerable use over the years and is still going strong. I would expect, as a "reasonable" lifetime, at least 5 years from a monitor.

  visfoote 12:12 24 Nov 2004

I scrapped a monitor that was new in 1991 earlier this year, solely because it was not compatible with the video circuit in my new (in Feb. 04) system

(It was a 14" Panasonic unit that was easier on the eyes at 1024x768 Interlaced than many moderate price monitors with a nominally superior specification)

  Shas 12:12 24 Nov 2004

Two Gateway-badged EV700's bought in Feb 1999, one used at least 10 hours a day, five days a week, 48 weeks a year - that one sort of blew up in February of this year, (but we are in a very wood-dusty environment so I wasn't too surprised.) The other one still going strong, unless I've just given it the kiss of death!

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