How long should a digital camera last?

  scipio 20:49 23 Aug 2005

I have a number of problems with a Minolta Dimage XT digital camera. The camera is 18 months old and has not been mistreated. I have heard that digital cameras should have a reasonable life expectancy in normal use. Does anyone know how long this is with any references as to where this can be found? Needless to say the supplier says I need to prove it was faulty at time of sale. I disagree. Advice appreciated.

  spuds 21:11 23 Aug 2005

Not sure whether this will answer your question click here but this is the experience of someone with a Canon.

  wallbash 22:00 23 Aug 2005

I don't understand the question ( but that's me) I have a Sony Cybershot dsc F55E , it must be over five/six years old , still works as good as ever. But then it is a solid bit of kit, not like the plastic jobs on the market today

  ayrmail 23:35 23 Aug 2005

After 6 months its up to the customer to prove the fault was their when bought.
You have had 18 months use so any refund would take that into account.
They don't need to repair if this is disproportionately costly in comparison with the alternative.
The best you can hope for is that they will pay for the examination and give you a partial refund if it is a defect.

  Happy Soul 23:47 23 Aug 2005

scipio, what problems are you having with it? Has it worked OK until recently or has the problem always been there? How long was the guarantee?

  Happy Soul 23:47 23 Aug 2005

scipio, what problems are you having with it? Has it worked OK until recently or has the problem always been there? How long was the guarantee?

  Stuartli 18:31 24 Aug 2005

Digital cameras do/or should have a more than reasonable life expectancy, especially as there are fewer moving parts than in, for instance, an SLR.

I bought a Minolta Dimage E203 three years ago and, after about four months' use, the zoom lens refused to extend or retract.

Minolta requested it be sent back for examination and possible repair, which I did. The next day I got a call to say that the E203 was to be replaced with a new one and it would be delivered next day.

Later the same day I got another call, this time to inform me that as the new camera had to be obtained from another warehouse elsewhere, it would be a day later than intended; the call was to save me waiting in unnecessarily.

The replacement has worked perfectly.

  scipio 19:01 24 Aug 2005

Thanks for replies. Camera has faults below.
1.Switch on get grey screen, red light stays on next to viewfinder, will not switch off and gets hot. Take battery out switches off (obviously) put battery back sometimes works.
2. Switch on get message 'unable to use card' switch off try again, sometimes works sometimes repeated.
3. Auto lens cover stuck open, servo working but no movement.
Can still take pictures sometimes, very bad for posing though.
Purchases should be reasonably robust and fit for purpose, this one isn't

  Babou 23:13 24 Aug 2005

It may be the card that's at fault - have you tried using another one?

  Southernboy 21:20 26 Aug 2005

My 1965 Leica is still going strong?

I suspect that digital cameras, like computers, are not built to last. Why should they when technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and todays camera will be out of date next year?

  shizzy 21:32 26 Aug 2005

We have a couple of Kodak digitals that work ok still at 4 years old.

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