How long is a reasonable time for a repair

  Border View 00:17 10 Jul 2004

Three weeks ago today my video recorder died on me. It was only ten months old and still under guarantee. I returned it to Argos and the first lady I spoke to said that it would be returned to JVC for repair. The repair would take between ten and fourteen days. I have telephoned the store twice to find out if the repair has been carried out. It transpired that the video didnt go back to JVC for repair but to a local repairer and that they were waiting for a spare part which "was in the post" ten days ago.

It is now three weeks and there is still no sign of my video recorder being returned. So my question is - how long is a reasonable length of time for the repair to be carried out.

I would appreciate any comments and advice on where to go from here.

  Forum Editor 00:34 10 Jul 2004

you raise, and I wish I could give you a definitive answer, but there isn't one.

The supply of goods and services to consumers regulations (which apply here) state that a supplier has the right to attmept a repair in such cases, and that the repair must be completed within a reasonable time. The 'reasonable time' isn't defined, and rightly so - some items may take longer than others to repair, due to circumstances beyond the retailer's control. Each case is considered on its merits, if and when it comes to a court action.

In your particular case my own opinion is that 3 weeks might be consided a fair period to wait, but once you get to a month you've waited too long. If you were told that the work would take between ten and fourteen days you have a good reason to be annoyed, and I suggest that you write to Argos and tell them that your patience is wearing a little thin. Ask them to give you a firm completion date, and tell them that unless you receive a satisfactory response by return you'll approach Trading Standards for assistance.

  ened 06:39 10 Jul 2004

I have never had any sort of problem with Argos- for anything.
Even after ten months they would have given you a full refund had you asked and you could have immediately purchased a replacement (Or not)

  Border View 09:48 10 Jul 2004

FE - Many thanks for this advice, I shall follow your suggestion.

Ened - I did ask for a refund when I took the video back but the young lady said she could not refund my money and that the video had to go away for repair.

  spuds 16:08 10 Jul 2004

I would suggest that you contact Argos headquarters, and express your concern. It seems strange that Argos have used a local repairer for your JVC product under the warranty terms.

  Border View 16:58 10 Jul 2004

I have written to the store manager where I bought the video and have copied the letter to the Head of Consumer Service at Argos Headquarters in Milton Keynes.

Shall keep you advised of developments.

  Rwstill 20:52 10 Jul 2004

A few months age I bought a Goblin cleaner from Argos.Two weeks later my wife told me the electric lead keeps going back into cleaner. Making it go hot, instructions state pull lead all the way out.
Phoned Argos said I had to phone Goblin,I did they said a new one will be deliverd,about ten days later it was deliverd they did not collect the old one.
But, found out on using it that I have the same trouble with this one, the lead going back in.
Now what?

  spuds 21:19 10 Jul 2004

Rwstill..Would suggest that you take this up with Goblin. Possibly a design fault, that they may have knowledge about. Spring recoil tensioner etc. I would also make Argos aware of the problem, and that you are still holding them responsible under the terms of the Sales of Goods Act.

Barmoor..Just A case of waiting!!.

  oresome 22:17 10 Jul 2004

There was a case recently where Dyson were taken to court over a design fault on one of their vacs. The hose became detached when stretched and sprung back and hit the user. This caused trauma, back pain, headaches etc. and the lawyers managed to squeeze thousands of pounds out of Dysons. Now I'm not suggesting for one minute that you should trip over the lead as it springs back in........

  Border View 22:53 10 Jul 2004

Think this is one for a new thread.

  gudgulf 23:46 10 Jul 2004

As an aside to this,I buy things like video/dvd players from my local Asda.Why? Because in the warranty period if anything goes wrong you take it back to the store,if its in stock you get a replacement.If not you get a refund...simple as that,no sending back for repair and long waits for a working product.Now thats the kind of consumer warranty I like!

Not much help to you unfortunately but a thought for the future?

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