How happy are you with your ISP?

  Managing ed 13:44 15 Mar 2007


The PC Advisor editorial team would like to know how well you and your ISP get along, whether the broadband it promises lives up to the hype, and the sorts of things you use your broadband service for.

Are you using a bundled service, perhaps with cheap calls and TV on demand?

Would you recommend your ISP to friends and colleagues?

Let us know, by commenting on this thread, responding to the current poll and by filling in our five-minute online broadband survey:

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And to make it worth your while, each survey respondent will be entered into a draw to win an Archos 604WiFi Touchscreen Multimedia Player, worth £320 inc VAT.

As ever, thanks for your time. We really do appreciate the input of our forum members.


Matt Egan
Managing editor
PC Advisor

  Confab 14:23 15 Mar 2007

Survey filled in

Very happy with Madasafish. Technical support is very good and max broadband is £17.99 for 5GB download limit. If you go over the GB limit then you pay £2 per additional GB

From the website

FREE connection and broadband router
FREE unlimited email addresses
FREE email virus protection and spam filtering
FREE Webmail - access your Madasafish email worldwide
FREE 100MB of webspace for your own website
FREE access to over 110,000 newsgroups
FREE Static IP address
FREE trial of BullGuard security suite

Into offer is just £11.99 for first 6 months


  wildthing6666 14:25 15 Mar 2007

I use freedom2surf after moving from wanadoo who a day later became orange. The only time I would use a bundled service is if I were subscribing to cable.
The only problem I have with my ISP is that if I type my phone number into the broadband checker on their page it tells me the fastest speed they can supply me is 512k when I have a 1Mb connection. I would never recommend a service to anyone only point out my own experiences with the service, the one thing I would say is I would be weary of the combined packages as they tie you up for long periods usually 18 months and if you have problems with the service even a month can seem a long time

  jimv7 15:00 15 Mar 2007

I use cable with telewest/ntl/virgin media, and very pleased with it, support when needed has been spot on, speeds are good and with unlimited downloads is very good value for the money.

I would never consider changing isp's unless there were drastic changes for the worst or cutbacks with the existing conditions.

  Jimmy14 16:24 15 Mar 2007

I am currently disgusted and very angry at my ISP, Tiscali.

I have reported the same fault to them several times that is: Between 6pm and 11pm Monday-Sunday there is a severe speed loss which also means I cannot play any online games, log into Yahoo Messenger as it will automatically disconnect and downloading files at 30kbps during these times is unacceptable. I got a response from their technical support team stating

"Tiscali are aware of this problem affecting a handful of customers and our network engineers are working on this"

That has been going on since late November. There is obviously a severe problem and there are hundreds of people reporting the same problem as me on the Tiscali Forums. It is very frustrating not being able to do much between these hours when I use the internet the most. I am literally paying £18 a month for a unacceptable incapable service. So far I have spoken to 700 people who are having this problem. These are just 273 of them,
click here

I have received my MAC from Tiscali and I will be getting migrated to UKFSN on the 26th of March.

  wolfie3000 16:36 15 Mar 2007

Im pretty much happy with my service provider,

I am on AOL Silver 1MB broadband and never really run into major problems.

The only thing i dont like is there browser which sometimes crashes with no reason.

There spam filtering is excellent,

There only draw back is the live help which can be a real pain to deal with as the operators usually just reel off the same information for different problems.

  Jimmy14 16:47 15 Mar 2007

I forgot to add that Tiscali are rated 39/39 which is terrible on DSLZONEUK.NET. Read some of the customers 720 comments.

  Jimmy14 16:47 15 Mar 2007
  sunny staines 16:54 15 Mar 2007

started with
"screaming net" they were bought out by "World online" who provided an excellent service, but who in turn were bought out by "Tiscali" an all round dreadful service.

Moved to "pipex" good service but failed to lower prices and use LLU in line with other ISP's moved to "Bulldog 8meg" excellent speeds very reliable connection, no spam but poor customer service, just recently bought out by "pipex" not noticed any changes, now a bit concerned that "pipex" is up for sale hoping who ever buys it keeps up the good speeds and service.

  iqs 17:42 15 Mar 2007

How happy are you with your ISP?......

Marks out of 10,1.

Have been with BT for over 3 years.Started with half meg,now on 3mb.Thats the max my phone line will handle.
3 meg is not bad,when I can receive that speed.Mainly after 11pm and before 10am.Outside these times it's like dial up.

I have just cancelled by subscription,and will contact Virgin Media for their 'upto 4mb' service.Its cheaper,faster and does not use BT phone lines.Bliss,I hope.

  shellship 17:57 15 Mar 2007

When we went networked and BB my local guru suggested Entanet as the ISP but keeping Tiscali for email receipts. No problems ever.

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