How good is my graphics card??

  Khufu 23:50 21 Sep 2005

Still fairly new to the game , just a couple of questions.....

I've got a AMD Athlon 3500+ and a Gforce 6600 pci graphics card (not GT as far as i can see???)

Is this a decent set up for games?, I have battlefield2 and it runs pretty well, I just wanted to know if anyone thinks the graphics card was decent enough or should I get a better one, and if so, will i see the difference.

  User-312386 08:39 22 Sep 2005

I assume you meant a PCI-Express card? Is it the 256mb model?

Looks ok

As long as you can play the games you want to play then that is fine

  gudgulf 10:22 22 Sep 2005

There is a big gulf in the performance of the top of the range graphics cards and yours......what sort of performance you need ,particularly with modern games depends on how important to you all the graphical "bells and Whistles" are.

Your set up will cope with any game at moderate resolutions/detail settings providing you stay clear of anti-aliasing and high levels of anisotrophic filtration.

What todays high end cards are able to do is render all the detail and effects in a game and use the appearance enhancing antialiasing/anisotrophic filtration modes without slowing down to unplayable frame rates.Which is what will happen if you try to do the same thing on your card.It's true that, at the same settings you can use, a high end card will be able to push out much higher frame rates than yours.But once you get above the playable level of around 60fps then anything more is not very you can use the extra power to up the settings and still stay above the desirable frame rate.

In effect you will probably be using the same sort of frame rates as a high end card,but at much lower graphical quality.So if gameplay is the most important thing in your criteria the card you have if perfectly ok.If on the other hand you want to play the games in their full graphical glory then you need to consider a better card.....a much better card,say a 6800GT or better still a 7800GT.

You will find a good look at the graphics card reviews at click here will help you decide what you need.

  Totally-braindead 12:16 22 Sep 2005

If the computer plays everything you want at the level you want then don't bother. If it ain't broke don't fix it. When your PC does start to struggle then will be the time to upgrade and at that time you will get more for your money as there is likely to be newer cards out and the cards that are out now will be cheaper. My card is a bit long in the tooth now, not as good as yours but still plays everything I want and I will only consider an upgrade when something comes along that I can't play. A graphics card that costs £300 now will probably be £200 in 6 months time. So my advise is wait.

  amonra 13:19 22 Sep 2005

Well said Totally BD, far too many people are suckered into buying the latest "bells and whistles card" only to find there is a very marginal difference in performance. If you are happy with your games at present-- concentrate on your skills, not the detail.

  Khufu 08:08 23 Sep 2005

I'll take your advice and Hang around for a while, you know what its like having a pc an all!! always wanting the lates and greatest!

My card does do ok for me so I will wait til its no use, or the higher end cards come down!

Cheers, Stuart

  Cybermaxx 18:54 28 Sep 2005

Might be worth waiting a while, to see how good their new range turns out to be.

US prices here (they go on sale next week)

click here

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