How good are Time computers?

  Simmpy 17:44 03 Jul 2003

I am soon to buy a PC system. I read all the reviews in PC Advisor, and was most impressed with the recent Systemax Inspire 3152. However I read on and see an advert from Time for S3809 The Ultimate Time Machine which on paper looks as good or even better. Just how good are Time computers and why don't they seem to do as well in the rankings?

  Gaz 25 18:11 03 Jul 2003

Time are cheap though!!! Deals are great, becuase when I build my own it costs me more!!!!

  soy 18:20 03 Jul 2003

Time sells Good Value for money computers. You get really high spcification PC's for very little money, compared to others like Evesham and Dell.

There have been alot of posts in this forum about their bad aftersales support but if it was that bad, they would have been out of business ages ago.

A plus point is that they have an active representative here who will try and help those with problems.

  Psiman 18:30 03 Jul 2003

This is my personal opinion.
If I were buying a new PC I would short list Dell, Evesham amd Mesh (alphabetical order reasons only). Time would not get on any list let alone my short list.

  Giant68 21:10 03 Jul 2003

Having looked through their adverts in the national papers i feel that you have to read them very carefully. They seem to be worded in a way that may lead you to believe that you are getting more for your money, not deliberately misleading but maybe a little ambiguous. As soy says, if they were as bad as people think they would be out of business. I believe that as with anything you buy you can have good luck and bad, I have friends with Time machines who have had problems, and friends who think that they are the best. IMHO i think that you ought to shop around. Look at the Dells, Meshes etc ( and Time, of course), carry on asking people for advice, especially here, and pray for good luck.


  bryval 22:03 03 Jul 2003

I have bought a number of PCs from Novatech. Good value and aftersales helpdesk is good.

  the lone cloner 15:57 04 Jul 2003

computers ok, time hopeless dont let them flog you their software packs.

  rins36 23:20 04 Jul 2003

I know 2 people that bought 'Time computers' & both had problems with them

1st went to a solicitor as the pc kept crashing & 'Time' would not do anything about it until the solicitor got involved

2nd had hard drive major fault & had to get it repaired by another source as 'Time' said the warranty had ran out eventhough it had not.....this is an on going case

  Jomi 23:34 04 Jul 2003

Time told me I was buying a kt333 motherboard as part of an upgrade, when the pc arrived it was actually fitted with a slower one, and quite a few other problems which I was left to sort out myself, all done by telephone - no proof of sale.
This happened in April, ...still no joy.
They aren't interested now they have my cash.

  revolver ocelot 12:51 07 Jul 2003

we bought a computer from time and we have had problems with the computer, in the advert they siad that this computer is in offer with a 120gb hard drive and when the computer arrived we got connected up and when we went into my computer there was 1 drive letter and the size was ............................................... 60gb and not the 120gb that was advertised so we went down to time to ask them why the 120gb wasnt in for and they siad there must of been a mistake on the advert and they wouldnt give us the hard drive and we just accepted that and the computer hasnt had any major problems apart from the odd crash.

  pj123 18:04 08 Jul 2003

Not very.

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