how good are paypal with fraudulent transactions?

  puma22 18:09 05 Apr 2007

I have received an e-mail from paypal saying that 'my payment has been initiated' for 100 us dollars. WHAT! This is the first i have heard of this. Have raised a query with them on this. The CC card company have this transaction on their system and i have also logged this as fraudulent with them. I have also cancelled my cc (going away tomorrow so very incovienient).
Just wanted to ask a couple of things. Firstly, i only added this cc card to paypal yesterday so this seems like a bit of a coincidence. Is paypal secure?
Secondly, how good are they at putting right such issues; how much hassle am i in for here?


  Forum Editor 19:47 05 Apr 2007

is fraudulent, and you have notified both PayPal and your card provider you have nothing to worry about - you won't have to pay. You'll suffer the inconvenience of having the card disabled, but that's life.

PayPal will be helpful if you don't adopt an aggressive approach, they know how to handle this kind of thing, and so does your card provider.

Is PayPal secure? As much as anything is secure these days, yes. PayPal is on of the biggest online transaction handlers on the planet, and nobody knows more about payment security than they do. From what you say you're the victim of a card fraud, and the sooner you talk to PayPal the better.

  Template 21:49 05 Apr 2007

I had a similar thing happen to me.... seems I bought a Nintendo Wii for $665 !!

Have to say I found PayPal not particularly helpful with conflicting information being given to me.
Told by Paypal that the transaction would be suspended and they wouldn't attempt to take the money from either my cc or bank account.
Next day received a call from my bank asking if I would authorise the payment as Paypal had asked for it.

It does all sort itself out in time, but there is always the worry in the interim period.

  Totally-braindead 22:28 05 Apr 2007

I found PayPal very unhelpful to say the least. Annoying it may be but there was no problem with the Credit Card company they just refunded the money, what happened after I have no idea as the bank said nothing to me after refunding the money.

  puma22 07:18 06 Apr 2007

FE, thanks for the response. It may be life, but it is the only CC card i have and am going on holiday today with 2 young kids. Oh well, hope they dont ask for much ice cream!
Template & Totally-braindead you have confirmed the suspisions i already had. When i tried to complete the form required by paypal, it kept throwing up error messages saying the data was incomplete. The have recieved it but have not responded in any way.
Luckily my CC company, the Nationwide, are spot on. The transaction was only showing on their system so they have put a stop on it and have cancelled the card.
I could really kick myself as I only added this card to my paypal account the day before. One lives and learns I suppose.

  Simsy 11:34 06 Apr 2007

had 4 fraudelent transactions on PayPal, totaling approx £1400...

I went through the procedure and one of the transactions was recredited to me the same day, and the other 3 all well within a week... I think it took 4 working days in total.



  Forum Editor 11:40 06 Apr 2007

is to phone them. I've always found them to be extremely helpful and efficient when dealt with in this way.

  spuds 13:21 06 Apr 2007

PayPal are extremely good a providing a take money, transfer money operation. But when things go wrong, then PayPals terms and conditions ( usually expressed at time of complaint) seem to cover PayPal more than their customers. Using either telephone or email methods can bring various responses on how to deal with matters, especially on suspicion of suspected fraud. Pay Pal have recently began to get their act together on these sort of problems, and I possibly suspect this is through serious complaints that they have received as to their standard of service. There are also a number of 'independent and privately run' PayPal complaint forums on the internet. I would mention that the police have also provided evidence of the shortfalls provided in the past, as to the way PayPal have dealt with problems.

I have many dealing with eBay and their sister company PayPal, which involves contacting many sellers over a period of a year. Some dreadful stories have been provided, when things have gone wrong, including freezing accounts, withholding funds and basic non cooperation in resolving issues. In fact PayPal instruct that any payment via a credit card procedure, the complaint must be dealt by the credit card provider in the first instant.

Last year (2006) I had the misfortune of having three 'dodgy' transactions. Eventually all were resolved to a certain degree, but that wasn't until I became seriously involved and took advice from other professional sources, as to the correct course of action that I needed to take. PayPal were not very helpful in the first instances. Whether this is through training procedures or lack of legal understanding,or not in our backyard its to much bother syndrome, I am not sure and really couldn't say.

  dms05 16:51 06 Apr 2007

I can only praise PayPal when I had a fraud transaction (goods failed to arrive). They did direct me to my Credit Card company to recover the balance not covered by the PayPal guarantee but refunded their portion within a few hours. Barclaycard were equally efficient and I had a total refund form the two sources within days. However I did learn one lesson - always use your Credit Card for Paypal payments.

Since having that problem my Barclaycard has been used fraudulently for transactions in the USA. Quite where the information leaked from is a mystery.

  puma22 08:12 14 May 2007

Just wanted to let you all know about he outcome of this. Both paypal and the nationwide dealt with this quickly. The money was refunded to my account by both parties and then sorted out between them. I had the card cancelled and a new once issued. A bit of inconvienience, but all sorted more or less painlessly.
Thanks for all the advice

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