How good are Amazon at replacing faulty goods

  puma22 07:23 12 Mar 2008

Hi, Just really want to put my mind at rest. I bought a new palm TX from Amazon in January this year. Brilliant at first, but over the first few weeks of use it has developed a problem with the touch screen (it is not accurate and you have to touch well above or well below the item you want to selcet it) and digitizer (wont reset, just goes into an endless loop which needs a soft reset to get out of). A trawl of the 'net suggests that this is a hardware related fault and there is no fix for it.
So, I need to have it replaced. I am out of the 30 day no quibble amazon return policy. I have e-mailed them with the problem and asked that it be replaced. could anyone enlighten me to how painful/painless I may find this process?


  puma22 11:05 12 Mar 2008

Just wanted to post that Amazon have been incredibly efficient and have already organised the dispatch of a new device.
Initially they said to contact palm direct, but because it was over 4 weeks since receipt of product they would only repair it and not replace!

Well done Amazon

  spuds 11:08 12 Mar 2008

In a nutshell- very efficient with replacing faulty goods. Some companies could learn a lot from Amazon. I also find the same with Amazon Marketplace sales.

  spuds 11:09 12 Mar 2008

Whoops- crossed emails and slow typing ;o)

  anchor 13:58 12 Mar 2008

From recent personal experience they are excellent; I cannot imagine anyone more so.

They even refund the postage on any item you have to return for exchange or refund.

  SURVEY 14:18 12 Mar 2008

Very efficient indeed. Excellent service. I only wish other companies were as good as Amazon.

  techie4me 14:28 12 Mar 2008

Amazon are first rate for returns.
Never had a problem with them.

  QinesiQ 17:20 12 Mar 2008

I have only had to return an item on one occasion which developed a fault after approx. 3 months. I sent an email asking if anything could be done (i.e. should I deal with them or go to the manufacturer (3 yr warranty??) because it seemed a while since I had bought it). They replied straight away saying a replacement was on its way. I was amazed and very appreciative. I've always had exemplary service from them and this experience has made me think even more highly of them. I always think the true measure of a company is how it deals with its customers after sales.
amazon are ace

  Stuartli 20:13 12 Mar 2008

I once bought a £250 set of 5.1 speakers from Amazon on behalf of one of the offspring, which came with a two year warranty.

After 18 months, they developed a fault and the decision was taken to invoke the warranty.

Amazon immediately provided an RMA, the speakers were returned and, a few days later, the £250 cost, plus the return carriage fee, has been refunded by Amazon.

It's the level of service that, over a number of years, I've come to expect as a "given" with one of the best retailers on-line.

  puma22 20:41 12 Mar 2008

for all the responses.

I do much of my on-line shopping with Amazon, but this is the first time I have ever had to test their aftersales service.
It isnt often that you see this level of positive response on any retailer, never mind an on-line one.

BTW the new palm was posted out before lunch and I only contacted them this morning!

  puma22 10:23 13 Mar 2008

it is really nice to be able to post good things. Postings often only happen when things go wrong.

A summary of details.

yesterday morning at around 8am, I contacted Amazon as my 6 week old palm tx wasnt working properly.
They responded within half an hour to say I needed to contact palm. This I did but palm would not replace only repair.

I'm not happy with this, so back to Amazon at around 11am. Very soon after an e-mail to say a new unit was to be dispatched.

It arrived today!

Fantasic, first class service, thank you Amazon!
Thanks also to everyone here for the kind responses!


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