How to find who is calling you.

  jack 14:25 28 Jul 2009

I have simply found the following by chance and I guess many of you regulars know about it all ready.
These has been a bit of comment on mysterious phones numbers of late- rom me and on Saturday from
click here

Earlier a message on the answerphone- suggested that I ring a certain number for a 'One to One' chat.
The voice I did not recognise- indeed it was so 'thick and accented that apart from the number to ring and the 'one to one' business I understood nothing.
A 1471 told me it was a local pay phone and moreover judging by the background noise and the way the caller spoke possibly a pub.
So who was this mysterious individual speaking from a pay phone in a pub, asking me to ring yet another number - both of which are local.
Intrigued ,I simply tapped it into to our dear friend Google.
And it appears that if the number has 221 after the local exchange group then the last three random,it almost certainly a 'Callback' only number and almost certainly SPAM.
So theres is something I didn't know before- if you did not know it before remember,to tap a suspect number into Google to tell you if it genuine or not.

  interzone55 15:27 28 Jul 2009

As always Google is your friend.

I once had a weird number call, I tapped the number into google and the first site it turned up was

click here

This is a very useful forum for reporting unwanted calls...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:27 28 Jul 2009

Why bother checking numbers? If someone needs to get hold of you they will. I fail to understand those who seem to be desperate to find out who called. I never dial 1471 and only reply if someone leaves a message on my answer phone. Life is far too short to faff around dialling missed numbers.


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