How on earth do I choose a processor?

  ross_mcculloch 16:06 26 Dec 2007

I don't do gaming, I use my PC for listening to music, downloading, web browsing, watching movies, streaming vids, updating my employers website and some other bits n bobs.

I'm after a £450ish system from Novatech, Cougar or Pc Specialist but I cannot for the life of me make a decision on what processor to go for.

Any thoughts people?

  Pamy 16:37 26 Dec 2007

Look at all the computers at your price. Look at which gives you the best bits and pieces ie. HDD, graphics card, sound card CD/DVD memory etc. and pick that one. The cpu offered at that price will do all you want

  Diemmess 17:24 26 Dec 2007

At present, I feel that CPUs are capable of more than is asked of them and there is a certain cachet about owning one of those wit a fancy name.

Most manufacturers will use CPUs which are appropriate for the rest of the bundle, so concentrate on those across your budget, and choose one with plenty of memory and a good graphics card.

If the monitor too is part of the budget, then spend a little more on screen size and enjoy seeing better what your computer is doing.

  citadel 17:30 26 Dec 2007

any core 2 duo.

  Patr100 18:29 26 Dec 2007

Go for the cheapest Core 2 Dual offered.

  sean-278262 21:14 26 Dec 2007

Personally I would look at what you might be planning to do in the near future. Buying a digital camcorder go for a larger hard drive and a cheaper processor. Just decide based upon what you yourself need.

  Totally-braindead 11:56 28 Dec 2007

Personally I tend to agree with the others. Get a dual core processor either Intel or AMD I have no real preference, avoid quad core as at the moment they are just too expensive and for what you say you are interested in a dual core would do as well.
Only way I could decide to be honest would be decide on a price and then see whats on offer at that price.
If you are getting Vista then get at least 2 gig of memory, with XP you would find 1 gig fine.
Avoid Celerons and Semprons as they are the budget processors.
Other than that buy what you like.
A seperate graphics card is also a good idea but is not essential and if you do ever decide to play games I would go for a minimum 8600GT.
Diemmess makes a good point about the monitor. When buying a new PC you do tend to forget that this is what you'll be looking at for the next few years so if you can save a bit on the PC and spend more on the display it might be a good idea.

  Patr100 13:19 28 Dec 2007

Given the choice, AMD processors still tend to be a little cheaper - spend the difference on up to 2gig Ram or better monitor.

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