how do you know if a company is legit or not!

  ©®@$? 16:48 15 Feb 2005

i need to find out about this comapany, is there a website i can goto to see if they are registerd etc..

as i have read some bad feedback on them, they ask for an administration fee before they give you a loan, and some ppl say they havn't recieved there loan, also on their website, it says its secure when filling in an application, but the address bar doesn't goto https it stays at http, so it isn't secure, also there loan tracker doesn't work...

i remember seeing a website on here, where you could track a company down to see if they are legit or not...

need this asap please

  Diodorus Siculus 17:19 15 Feb 2005

Companies House
click here

  ©®@$? 17:23 15 Feb 2005

thanks but it looks like you have to subscribe to that site, isn't there a free one or am i mistaken?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:49 15 Feb 2005

Any company that asks for an admin fee PRIOR to giving you a loan should be avoided like the plague. Companies house will only tell you if a company is registered, you will be unable to find out if they are legit. Forget them and try a bank.


  Belatucadrus 17:51 15 Feb 2005

click here Companies house do a basic search on registered companies, you have to pay for more in depth company info.

  Forum Editor 18:08 15 Feb 2005

is talking sense. Don't waste a millisecond on researching a company which wants an admin fee for simply considering your application.

leave them alone and move on. Merely doing a Companies house search will not give you the information you require in any case.

  ©®@$? 18:56 15 Feb 2005

they are a broker

click here

  Joe R 19:37 15 Feb 2005


They are legit, but if you watch any of the consumer programs, i.e. watchdog, etc, you will find that it is still best, to avoid them like the plague.

  ©®@$? 19:49 15 Feb 2005

thanks, how do you know thet are legit

  Joe R 20:22 15 Feb 2005


sorry, was offline for a while there.

I know they are legit, because a friend who will remain nameless, aquired credit from this company, to buy a car.

They are also known for the "yescar" tv advertisements, and I believe, Hold the current record for customer complaints, in the BBC program "Watchdog".

Oh, almost forgot, my friend ended up repaying almost £12,000, for a second hand car, which was independently valued at £1750, and was in fact sold for scrap, within 18 months.

  waamo 20:23 15 Feb 2005

I have had several fake sites shut down (check out my posts on click here same user name).

When I check a site there are several things I look for. How long has the site existed and how long is it registered for? Scam sites come and go quickly so well established sites with a long registration TEND to be legit.

Is it registered with a relevant authority ie companies house, the FSA, The Law Society etc.

Is the address real. Try multimap and Google, scammers tend to use false addresses.

Are the phone numbers traceable?

Does the site have a physical prescence beyond the Internet?

Do they take credit cards?

There are many other checks if you want to be really sure. You can always ask over at 419eater, somebody will uncover something (in fact if you look at my posts I was able to verify a site as genuine and not a scam yesterday)

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